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Group Performance Evaluation

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´╗┐Group performence evaluation I think that we have done well in our performence. As we have been chosen to performe to another class as our idea was creative. I had done a good job, and remembered my scrpit I stuck to my role all the time and I did not make any mistsakes. I suggested that the first scene be a mimed flashback about the mother packing away and leaving with some depressing music in the background. I thought this would work well because it meant the audience would be drawn into the drama from the beginning and it would be an imaginative way to start the piece. ...read more.


We all took responsibility for the lights and our performence in our drama and came in at lunchtimes to choose the lights we needed for the movement scene and record our monologue. During the performance we worked the lightning for the scenes and asked Bandana to manage then. We were pleased because the lights came on at the right time. I tried-to change my voice to women one to show that I was playing the mother. Although I found it hard, it worked well and everyone said that they were really impressed. When my character was getting angry about my father and husband I changed my tone to a really angry one and I made my voice shake as if I was going to cry. ...read more.


This worked really well with the movement we chosen which was to look down at the start. My gyestures were unussual because my character was quite a nervous person I made sure that I fiddled a lot with my sleeves and did not make eye contact with the other characters when I was speaking to Julia. When my character spoke I used my hands a lot to express myself as my character was a very enthusiastic person but depressed at the same time. My character had the habit of playing with a pen when thinking about things, for example during the monologue and when I had to tell Julia I was playing with something. I decided to do this as it is a common thing for people to do and added believability to my character ...read more.

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