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Growing Years.

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Name : Kaushik Class : Sr5f Subject: English Coursework/Personal and imaginative Growing Years People come and people go, moments are gone through and experiences are created. What only remains are memories ,and for that reason these growing years are considered to be golden. Growing up is the most important aspect of an individual's life as it determines on their state of mind and how they look at life when they are old enough. Some go through a hard time whereas some may just cruise through a good life. Life is definitely a long journey but how we go about it is up to us, we see a lot of what life has to offer us at the time of childhood and teenage years. A lot of attractions and distractions, basically the good things and the bad and how these influence us. I have gone through different situations in my life, have had to make pretty tough choices ,but one of the best things I've learnt from these growing years is that your life is never at a stand still even when you think it is. The modern world has loads to offer teenagers like me. But at the same time I would like to include myself to agree on the fact that growing up as a person from within isn't an easy task. I've found myself in different instances at a stage where I don't seem to be agreeing with my parents. ...read more.


I still do mostly all these things but within boundaries and don't make it control my lifestyle as now I perhaps am in control of things and myself. Opening myself up as a person was never a problem but opening up to the wrong people was a mistake that I constantly committed and trusting the wrong people too was involved in this. In a way I remain happy at the fact that I've gone through experiences such as these at a young age, as it keeps me prepared for the future. Neglecting my duties as a growing child ,I constantly came across a lot of troubles ,this included studies ,social life etc. There came times when my parents were really unhappy with me and my future remained a question mark in their minds as it built a lot of tension within them. But what I'm grateful about is that they never lost faith in me and they constantly always explained to me about what was right and always heard my side of the story too. Perhaps because of their love and affection it was a quick process for me to realize my mistakes and undo my way of thinking. I've at times tried to make my brother as my idle and live the way he did, in a quite reserved but jovial way. There have been instances where I just wanted to be in my brother's shoes as I felt that he handled himself quite well while he was growing up. ...read more.


I do wish that sometimes things should be quite different from what they are, but then if life had to be so predictable there wouldn't be any fun left in life itself. Believing in something of this sort has made me want to enjoy life as it comes even through its good times and bad. Understanding that behind every face there's a story, and that's why some people act in the manner that they do, we have to be open to whatever this life has to offer us. Growing up isn't an easy task but how would we ever know where our silver lining lies if we don't want to grow up. These growing years are considered golden as they're times once lived they can never come back. We have the ability at times like these to make the most of our lives and should definitely use it. We never stop learning and that's why everyday we look at our life through a different light. Every year that I grow it brings me closer to my adult age and cuts off a year from my life. There surely is a time for everything and in life there are no short cuts to that. From now on I would like to take things as they come and enjoy myself under those means. Therefore I would like to live my life to the maximum level and in the right manner. I'm still growing and so far the journey has been incredible. ...read more.

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