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Guys and Dolls evaluation

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Guys and dolls On the date of the 20th of December 2006, our drama class attended a professional theatre production of the play 'Guys and Dolls' at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. In my eyes, the play was performed excellently, but before you could fully focus on the acting etc, the first aspect you instantly recognised was the set and how cleverly they used it and incorporated it into the production. For instance, the set managers dropped a 'flat' to change to the mission scene setting, yet moreover this was done in such a way that you almost didn't realise they were doing it. ...read more.


It was done successfully, that at first thought I didn't even realise that the moon was created by lighting. This superb simple object to a certain extent made the whole scene, as it gave it the sense of night time, but on top of that, there was an underlying romanticised atmosphere, which supplemented what was happening in the scene and it needed that. Furthermore, the costumes changed into casual, summery style clothing in comparison to the New York Street costumes, by doing this they illustrated that the climate was hot, consequently we know that it is set in Havana, which of course is known for being a warm climate, making it realistic as well as effective. ...read more.


Overall, in my opinion, the set was the foremost thing that engaged with the audience and I, and played a central role in making it a fantastic experience. Another aspect that we must take into consideration was the costumes used. Each costume was firmly associated with the setting and social class that specific characters undertook. One example of this was the New York Street costumes; dapper suits, jackets, hats, braces ties and the woman all wore similar tight dresses, prim and proper, and all of this made them look quite glam. This is in contrast with the costumes for Cuba- Flouncy, coloured dressed, with the girls giving off a sexy, seductive look and above all, the colours of their dresses suggested their emotions. ...read more.

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