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"Heat" - Structure: The structure of this story leads you to believe that the characters death will revolve around the heat.

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Jamie Hinkle Professor Maas Eng 202 Journal "Heat" Structure: The structure of this story leads you to believe that the characters death will revolve around the heat. In a way this is true. The twin girls go out for a bike ride one hot day to get some ice cream. This is were the tragedies take place. The boy in the ice cream truck, Roger Whipple, lures them back to his house and kills them. So in a way, the title heat is very important because this lets us know why Rhea and Rhoda are going there in the first place, and lets us know more about the two characters better as a whole. This is better for our knowledge rather then just going into the story and us seeing them go get some ice cream. The way they are able to go get the ice cream is because they steal the money from their grandmother. This lets us know that they do everything together, it isn't a relationship were one wants to do something and the other doesn't. They are always together. This is very important for us to know, because this is what gives us our insight when the girls go to Roger Whipple's room together, and why they have the feelings they do when they are apart. We are able to see that Rhea and Rhoda never go anywhere alone, and because of this they have a great bond with each other. ...read more.


Yes, he would be capable of killing these two girls with out anyone knowing, because of the way Joyce Oates describes his room, but how could he have killed them? He didn't seem to have anything in his room to commit such a thing. Characters: There are four main characters, Rhea and Rhoda, Roger Whipple and the narrator of the story. We don't really learn the name of the narrator, but we do know that she was friends with them when she was younger. She is telling this story looking back at what had happened and it is very clear to her still, because her and her lover meet back behind the ice house where Rhea and Rhoda were killed. We her from her point of view what had happened and what she supposes when on there. We don't hear facts from stories or headlines, just what she knows about the two. Rhea and Rhoda are told to us from her point of view. We understand that she wished she had a twin or someone to be close with like Rhea and Rhoda did. She says how when one of them were away the other would talk as if they were going to die, if they didn't find each other, or the other may, or even both. This is in fact what happens with the girls. They are apart the one thing that they were always afraid of, and when they are is when they both die. ...read more.


The narrator goes into such detail into reliving what had happened that it seems that it really did just happen. Mood: The mood of the play is very interesting and depressing. We feel bad for the narrator in the beginning because she wants the relationship that the twins have with each other, and learn that she never really finds it. Not even when she is married because she cheats on him with another lover. She never really finds that one soul who knows when she is sad or when she is in trouble. The feelings soon change when we find out that the two girls pick on Roger. Even though Roger plays along with them, there is only a feeling of grief and disappointment when we hear about all the things they do to him. Soon enough our grief moves from Roger to the girls when Rhoda is left on the stairs alone and we know something is going wrong in Rogers room. This is what we are left with, besides the accumulation of the narrators by the end. This whole story is very sad, and depressing. Symbol: The only symbol that I can really come up with in this story is the correlation between the title and were the twins were killed and placed. The story is titled "Heat", and the girls are constantly talking about an "ice" house and ice cream. This has everything to do with their death. The relation is very different, and opposite but this is were they we get our insight. ...read more.

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