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HKCEE is an effective performance indicator. Discuss.

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HKCEE is an effective performance indicator A student at the end of his/her five-year secondary education normally takes the HKCEE. Our team strongly oppose today's motion, "HKCEE is an effective performance indicator". To begin with, let me define the motion, "HKCEE" refers to the Hong Kong Certificate Examination of Education, which is a public examination that HK F.5 students sit for every year. "Effective" means capable to perform duties well; and "performance" refers to something done and ability, while "indicator" means being a sign of. First of all, I would like to make one thing clear. HKCEE only shows the academic performance of those who study in normal schools, like ours, and those who sit for the exam, but NOT those who are studying in schools like international schools. Thus, HKCEE is not an effective one to show those students' performance. This point will be further developed by our first speaker. Secondly, HKCEE can't show one's ability in all aspects, which means it's not showing the all-round development of a student. ...read more.


The answer is apparently "No"! Moreover, if a student who performs very well in school, for instance, having very good results as well as personality. However, she's sick when she sits for her HKCEE, or she's nervous about the exam; then can she perform well enough to show her actually ability? HKCEE is only once a year! If a student doesn't perform well, it definitely does not mean he/she is not a good learner; and students must show improvement as they grow up, so what's the point in using only one exam to determine a person's performance? As I have mentioned, HKCEE only shows the academic performance of some students but not all. Now I want to show you that it's neither an effective indicator that can show one's ability all-roundly. Let me clarify this point. Performance refers to ability, all-round development, but not only in one aspect. First, HKCEE cannot show effectively the performance of a student in all aspects, for instance, leadership skills, communication skills, personality, etc., which are all regarded as an important part of a student's performance. However, can the HKCEE show these kinds of abilities? ...read more.


As all of us know, the syllabus of HKCEE requires a large extent of memorizing reciting. In this case, some students may not fully understand what they have learned in lessons, but they try to recite all things in the textbooks. And they can still obtain good results in HKCEE, or even better than those who understand their lessons but are not good at reciting. This shows very clearly that HKCEE is still not yet effective to indicate one's academic performance, then how can it be an effective one to indicate one's potential in other aspects? I think by now, you will all believe that HKCEE is not an effective performance indicator. It's neither an indicator for student in international schools, nor is it and indicator to show one's ability all-roundly. Nevertheless, it's not fair to use only an one-time exam to determine one's potential. We would be very disappointed that if our dear opponents still insist that HKCEE is an effective performance indicator. Remember, performance doesn't only refer to academic results, but also all other aspects of capability! We won't be successful without all these abilities. Therefore, apparently, I can concluded that HKCEE is not an effective performance indicator! ...read more.

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