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Hotseating evaluation

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Response on the hotseating exercise I played Benvolio in the hot seating exercise. The majority of the questions were asked about my relationship with Rosaline. The first and the most challenging question that I has asked in role was: "If you'd have to chose between your family and Rosaline, which one would you chose?". I found it very difficult to answer, because Benvolio does love Rosaline very much, but would he leave his family, who has raised him for all of his life, for a girl? I believed that at that point Benvolio would leave almost everything for Rosaline. He was blinded by love and his family wanted revenge, whilst the only thing he wished was peace. Benvolio had deep feeling towards Rosaline and he truly believed that he has the power to win her heart and erase the hatred, only if he would give her time. Another quite interesting question from Plub was raised "How did I know that Rosaline is not going to kill me in the elections of 'The Prince of Cats?". ...read more.


I also wanted to put across Benvolio's sense of hurt, because Rosaline is rejecting his love, by facial expressions and petite gestures. Reason of the choice of still images Still image one The first still image introduces the situation - the hatred and suppressed urge to fight with each other, which is also referring to the theme of the play. Furthermore the first two characters, Valentine and Rosaline, both lost somebody dear to them in Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet', therefore are very revengeful. Even more significant is the fact that Valentine and Rosaline are representatives of the opposite families: Montagues and Capulets. This noteworthy detail and their violent movement suggest that there is really no truce existing between the two families. Still image two Benvolio is offering Rosaline his love, whilst she is still devastated because of the loss of Romeo. This as well is one of the main points of the play: Benvolio is trying to stop the endless fight by opening her eyes. ...read more.


Still image five The election for Prince of Cats has commenced. We chose this still image to show the audience will officially peace begin or revenge takes its chance. People on Rosaline's side represent the rage and eager to fight, while Petruchio's side is full of peace. As well as we can see from the still images, there are more people on Rosaline's side, which means that the revenge will continue. Alice is in between the two leaders. With that point we wanted to represent the fact that she loves Petruchio, but the urge to fight it too strong. Still image six The last still image signifies the testing of Rosaline's love and revengeful feelings. She lays her sword on Benvolio's chest. Rosaline does not cut nor hurt him; however she has the chance, which means that even though her heart is full of hatred, there is hope for it to cool down. There is hope for peace. But still the war hasn't ended, because nobody laid their weapons down. ?? ?? ?? ?? Liina Tiri Centre Number: 98007 Centre Name: The Regent's School, bangkok ...read more.

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