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How are the themes brought up in "A death of a salesman" releveant to the presant day.

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My essay looks at a sales man called willy who trys to cope with the stresses of his work and family life, and how in the present day thing like this are easy to relate to. Q:How are the themes brought up in "A death of a salesman" releveant to presant day There are many things in this play that are relevant to the lives of people today. The modern world is full of stress, whether it is work related, financial worries or problems in the family. Most people suffer at some time from anxiety or even depression, and suicides driven by a sense of failure to achieve are not uncommon. Particularly in the USA the belief in the 'American Dream' is strong, this belief is that any one no matter who they are can achieve what ever they want and nothing can stop them. In Arthur Miller's play, even though it was written over 50 years ago the problems associated with modern city living and pressured life styles were already apparent, particularly in the USA where this play is set. In my following paragraphs I am going to cover the topics which I think are very important to the break down of Willy and the relevance it has today. I am going to include, family life, as it is almost exactly the same as today. Then I am going to study the American dream, and finally The pressures of his job and his financial worries. 'The American Dream consists of a belief that in America, all things are possible to all men, if you work hard enough you can achieve anything .To be hard working, honest and have ambition were the ways of the American Dream. ...read more.


Today, it�s all cut and dried, and there�s no chance for bringing friendship to bear - or personality." Today the same view of business as ruthless has become a normal part of society-people buy products, not a salesman's personality. In my opinion, Howard Wagner treats Willy harshly because Willy has been very loyal to the business but has had no reward for his long service, which shows just how brutal the businesses world can be. "They don't even know me anymore." He has the feeling of being used by the firm, and with no thanks. "I put thirty-four years into this firm...You can't eat the orange and throw away the peel - a man is not a piece of fruit!" Willy needs to believe he is "vital in New England", but knows he is not; he is just kidding himself .Biff said about Willy, "He had all the wrong dreams. Being a salesman is very unpredictable, as a living. "He�s a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine. And when they start not smiling back - that's like an earthquake." "You would have to give a good impression." Charley has realised that Willy�s view of success is seriously flawed. Willy's friend and neighbour Charley said, "The only thing you got in this world is what you can sell." And as Willy can�t sell anything, there for he has got nothing. Willy has lost all self-respect. Willy feels he has been a failure in life and his work problems have significantly effected his family. When Howard took Willy's salary away and then later sacked him, debts started to pile up. ...read more.


Also Willy feels guilty towards Biff because Biff found out about the affair and was so shocked that he gave up on all his dreams. Willy feels like it's his fault. Willy believes that he and Ben have a strong relationship. Willy looks up to his brother like a father, as he did not know his father that well. Even though Ben appears to Willy when he is thinking about the past, he never seems to be around for along time. I have seen little evidence throughout the play of Ben encouraging or giving real support to his brother, actually he seems to put him down sometimes, like when Willy tells him about his job Ben reaction is "yes, Well..." Showing that he doesn't really care, or have any sort of enthusiasm. However, when Ben makes positive comments about Willy and his family, Willy is very pleased and glad to hear that, "William, You're being first rate with your boys" Willy: "Oh, Ben, that's good to hear." Even though Willy admires his brother and loves him very much. It doesn't seem that they have a very strong bond, as Ben only visits sometimes and doesn't sound very interested in Willy or his achievements In addition there is the fact that Ben didn't leave him any money in his will, which seems to show a lack of care for his brother. In summary there appear to be many themes described in this play that are relevant to modern day life and its problems despite the age of the play. The problems of family life and the conflicts within a family, jealousy and betrayal are unchanging. Also just when this play was being written was the time when attitudes to workers and business were changing and becoming more competitive, this continues today. ...read more.

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