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How did I show Mr Nixon's decision making in my improvisation of his interview at St Georges?

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How did I show Mr Nixon's decision making in my improvisation of his interview at St Georges? How did I use my voice? When I was playing Mr Nixon, I didn't put on a specific accent, I just spoke in a neutral kind of accent, only with more emotion. I did this because I didn't feel that he needed to have one to say that he is definitely from one place. I also didn't raise my voice or shout at all while playing Mr Nixon. I think that he always keeps his cool so he has no need to shout in any situation so that is why I chose to do that. How well did we work as a group giving ideas? I think that my group worked very well together. To start with we all sat down and discussed any ideas that we did have. We interacted with each other and listened to each other and I think this affected our performance as we focused on each other's strong points. We all put in ideas and mixed them all up and come out with a good performance. ...read more.


I think that this made the interview quite tense, as most interviews are, but this one was even more so because of the blatant stereotypical characters. I think this worked well because we showed clearly that Mr Nixon was slightly out of place with these two incredibly posh women interviewing him and with him just talking normally and he stuck out which was the effect that we tried to create. What drama strategies were used and why? The drama strategy that we used the most was probably cross cutting. We used this so much because it showed something that was happening in the present then we suddenly shifted to a moment that had already happened in the past. This worked well because it showed what was going on inside Mr Nixon's head and showed us one of his past experiences in dealing with delinquent children. I also think that we used it at good times in our performance so that it wasn't just totally focused on the interview but split into several parts. We also used multi role. ...read more.


They sat down with their backs straight as possible and with their hands on their knees to show that they were sitting with a good posture and looking all neat and collected. When Gareth went into the character of Oggy Moxon, he wanted to sound as common as possible, which was a large contrast to the posh character he was also playing. He put on a very deep and common accent and made a gesture with his fist, which said, "Do what I say, or there'll be trouble!" He also noticeably towered over me to try and make himself look a lot bigger than me, and therefore more intimidating Natasha's character as Gail was very different to Gareth's. She was down on the floor grabbing my leg. She was on a totally different level to Gareth and I to show that she was begging for me to stay at Whitewall because the children there need Mr Nixon. She spoke in a much more common voice then as the posh interviewer but not overly common. She did this to show the contrast between the people that go to Whitewall and that of St Georges. ...read more.

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