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how did your role emerge within the production

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How did your role emerge and how was it communicated? Our devised piece was done using lots of short scenes which were put together to create the final production, so therefore we had numerous characters multiple roles. This was challenging and demanding but it helped us use different acting techniques e.g. voice, movement and facial expressions. So the audience would be able to differentiate between the different characters. I had two main roles in our production and the first character i worked on was probably the most difficult. We started our play off with a scene about Adam and Eve 'In the beginning' but felt it didn't relate to the circus theme. So we decided to add clowns to link each scene together ad add some fun and silliness to the beginning. ...read more.


Anorexia. We wanted the audience to feel shocked by this scene so decided the best way to convey physical emotion was through the techniques such as Gecko and Artaud. This made the scene difficult because we had to show anorexia trough physicality rather than speech. We decided on the idea of puppets and the media were controlling what we were doing. I thought the easiest way to show anorexia was through the idea of being sick. I used the positioning of my body to convey the idea of a puppet by slouching down and making my body floppy. My facial expressions were really important when creating my character because it showed the emotion of the piece. I used my eyes to show that I was scared by looking different ways really fast but as the scene developed i would slow them down making them still to make me look dead and distorted. ...read more.


The first group had to be the untamed ladies which we based on lions because it's a play on lion tamers. We came through the audience and crept on the floor and pounced towards the audience to create the idea of wild animals, we also used our voice by snarling at the audience. The other group were the tamed ladies we decided that they would need to be completely different from the untamed ladies. We came up with the idea of Stepford wives and stood on our toes smiling with our head to the side like Barbie dolls, we used high pitched sweet voices to emphasize our doll like qualities. As a group we worked on all the characters together and tried to fit people to characters we thought they suited, we wanted each person to work to their strengths because we could make the acting more challenging and be able to cope with numerous roles. ` ...read more.

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