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How does Lee Hall encourage and create a sympathetic relationship between Spoonface and the audience?

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Spoonface Steinberg Coursework Question How does Lee Hall encourage and create a sympathetic relationship between Spoonface and the audience? Plan Introduction- Play is written in first person, monologue, why its an unusual choice for centre character to have a disability, how people view others with disabilities in our society. Paragraph 1- Creation of Spoonface, like of opera music (what it symbolises for her) Her numbers Paragraph 2- Situations Spoonface is placed in- has autism and cancer, parents are splitting up, and her mother is an alcoholic. Why Hall does this and how it makes us feel. Paragraph 3- People around Spoonface and how they react to Spoonface- Mother turns to alcohol, Father runs off with a younger woman, Mrs Spud telling Spoonface she is special, How each of these relationships make us feel. Paragraph 4- Spoonface and the concentration camps- how Spoonface feels about them, why Hall includes this information, Why we feel sympathy towards Spoonface at this time. Paragraph 5- Spoonface and death- how she figures out the meaning of life, relationship with God, why Hall does all this. Paragraph 6- Film version of play and my own production of a section from the play. How the film and my version differed from the original version and why, What certain things in the film version were meant to symbolise. Conclusion - What Lee Hall wants to make us realise, why he chose this way to do it. ...read more.


Hall does this to make sure he gets a reaction because we are probably shocked by the news that Spoonface is going to die and the sad opera music makes us feel more emotion. Certain people around Spoonface and their relationship with her make us compassion for her especially the relationship with her mother as she has to live with her. Spoonfaces mother appears not to be maternal and also has an inability to cope with her daughter's condition and has a mental breakdown because of this. We see this when Spoonface says, 'and then she had to take the tablets off the Doctor and would stop the vodka at the same time - except one time she had the pills and the vodka.' Spoonfaces father copes with Spoonfaces autism by having affairs and running off with a younger woman. However her father soon returns to see Spoonface and her mother when hearing that Spoonface has cancer is going to die. He does not come back and live with them straight away but he is back in their lives. The father is shown as the weakest character in this play as he runs off with another woman and he shakes Spoonface when he is drunk. There is only one person in this play with whom Spoonface has a special, loving relationship with and that is Mrs Spud. ...read more.


The other members held up pictures of the things that Spoonface talked about at the end of the play. Lee Hall wants us to realise that autistic people or anyone with a disability can still be intelligent and have special areas of expertise. Hall wants us to realise that everyone is different and difference is a good thing. Lee Hall chose this way to make us realise all these things because it is an unusual way to relay this type of information to us. It is also an interesting way and it keeps our attention. Lee Hall encourages and creates a sympathetic relationship between Spoonface and the audience by making Spoonface known to us and then springing all these different, shocking incidents that are happening to Spoonface. Hall uses every possible chance and every possible situation to make us feel sympathy towards Spoonface. He places the character in a broken home, her father running off with another woman leaving Spoonface with her non-maternal mother who does not understand Spoonfaces condition. Hall however does create one person in this play who shows love towards Spoonface and that is in the shape of the cleaning lady Mrs Spud. The character provides solace for the audience with them knowing that at least one person is looking after and understanding Spoonface and her autism. I think Hall chooses a cleaning lady to be the loving person in this play because he likes to be different and doesn't use the stereotypical view of cleaners, it also makes the whole play much more interesting and enjoyable. ...read more.

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