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How does Shakespeare create tension and atmosphere in four scenes?

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Rachel Morgan 11b Macbeth Course Work How does Shakespeare create tension and atmosphere in four scenes? Introduction In this essay my intention is to show how shakespeare created atmosphere and tention in the following scenes - Act 1 scene 1 - Act 1 scene 3 - Act2 scene 1 - Act2 scene 3 When Shakespeare wrote this play it was designed for an Elizabethan audience. ...read more.


People of this time believed in God and the devil, and heaven and hell as real places. They also believed in evil spirits and the power of witchcraft and magic. ...read more.


People also believed in the Divine right of kings - that kings were appointed by God therefore, to kill a king would be the evilest murder of all. So immediately Shakespeare sets the mood and captures the imagination of the audience by starting the play with the witches scene. ...read more.

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