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How things have changed in R&R

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1950/60's Dance Critical Analysis Introduction The term Rock-and-Roll was first used in 1951 by Alan Freed, a Cleveland disc jockey. The use of rock and roll is traditional in blues, a form of popular music that grew in the 1950's from rhythm and blues, recognized by the use of electric guitars, a strong rhythm with an accent on the offbeat and youth-oriented lyrics. Rock and Roll is a form of popular music arising from and including a variety of musical styles, especially rhythm and blues, country music, and gospel. It was recognized in the United States in the 1950s and was very popular with teenagers. ...read more.


How things changed when rock and roll came In the last year of Elvis's life in 1977 over 80,000 fans turned up in Chicago to see him perform, a fair amount of them being teenagers. The way he produced his music and the songs and dances inspired not millions but trillions of teenagers. His music was played in coffee bars on juke boxes where teenagers hung out in those days. Dance halls were opened and dances were taught to the rhythm of his music. Other artists wanted to follow in his footsteps and and also produced rock and roll music that allowed teenagers to let them selves go to the beat. ...read more.


Macarena. Other pieces of rock and roll were just performed on your own at coffee bars and night clubs. There were many expressive actions used in the dances such as: intricate footwork and bouncy movement. The movements to the rock and roll piece are very bouncy, fast and controlled because that is the way the music was structured. The movement was side to side up and down and basically moving your body in every direction at some part of the dance. Also partner work was often used as you could use your partner in many ways and you could use them for many moves such as: the lifts, the Charleston, the jive and many more. Also you can dance solo using moves such as the hand jive and the twist and the gallop ...read more.

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