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Imagine that you are the director of a production of Macbeth. Write a an imaginary transcript of the sort of conversations/advice you would give to your actors in preparing to stage act 2 scene 2.

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Imagine that you are the director of a production of Macbeth. Write a an imaginary transcript of the sort of conversations/advice you would give to your actors in preparing to stage act 2 scene 2. - Now David and Kelly. This is a very important scene and there are a lot of things to consider. - "Kelly you are the key into building tension at the beginning of this scene. The words need to be spoken in anticipation, you are awaiting your husband and are unsure whether Macbeth, (David), has done the 'deed', perhaps you could pace up and down the room." "This needs to be good, because it shows the point at which both your characters change." "Macbeth after Lady Macbeth (Kelly) has spoken the first opening paragraph, - That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold; - What hath quench'd them hath given me fire. - Hark! Peace! - It was the awl that shriek'd, the fatal bellman, - Which gives the stern'st good-night. He is about it - The doors are open; and the surfited grooms - Do mock their charge with snores: I have drugg'd - Their possets, - That death and nature do contend about them, - Weather they live or die. ...read more.


"David just a miner detail I need to clarify with you, if you could be looking at your hands when you say the lines, 'This is a sorry sight'. "Kelly you must reply quickly by saying your lines, firm, with a frown upon your face, perhaps shouting, but in away of being discreet, ok." "This is where I feel you, Kelly, really need to show your dominance and power over Macbeth." "Think how you can achieve this." "Macbeth, (looks at jack) this is where you start to ramble, you need to have your back to lady Macbeth (Kelly), and Kelly you need to be facing David, because you are behind him." "For those lines I would like you to be stood up, and looking into your hands, which hold the daggers and which remind you of the guilty 'deed' you have done, so I feel it would be a good idea to have your eyes wide open for this bit, to show some of the guilt, this has propelled you in to shock and disbelief and this really needs to be shown." "We create the atmosphere and tension and this is a good way of doing so." David - "Harry (Director) should I turn and face lady Macbeth when I do it." ...read more.


Because of this event, Macbeth starts to think they could get caught, and can they really get away with it, because one thing has gone wrong, he could think this is just the start of failures or bad events to come, the reason I feel he doubts them both is because he says, - Will all great Neptune's oceans wash this blood from my hand? "Kelly, I would like you to storm off to create a tense atmosphere in the audience." "David if could feel lost or unaware into what's going on as if you are in deep thought and in a world of guilt, this will be more dramatic." "Lady Macbeth when you re-enter I want your lines to be persuasive and purposeful, as you are trying to say to Macbeth, it's 'ok', I am the same as you, and it is not such a big thing, it needed to be done and they should not regret it!!" "This is relaying to the audience that everything is fine, it's over." "Now, because Macbeth seems to be unaware of what he is doing or what's going on, I think you should grab Macbeth and physical pull him away from the stage." "This will leave the audience wondering what is going to happen next." "Thank you everyone and well done." (The director shouts) ...read more.

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