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Improvisation assignment based on Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe

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Improvisation Assignment Our improvisation assignment was based on Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe, using what we researched and found out about it, and also ideas formed from watching the play itself at the Taliesin in Swansea. To start off with, we took the themes and issues into consideration: It was only from watching the play we began to get a real insight into the world which Moll was thrust into from an early age. Moll always strove to become someone with money and stability, something that she had always lacked from childhood, and from being born into no real family she felt that it was only going to be her body and her looks which would get her anywhere. To start off with we looked into characterisation, and did monologues. The monologues each had something in common, they all were to do with an aspect of social status, and how people felt about themselves and their own. ...read more.


For this I worked as part of a group of three with Clare and Lol. Using the basis that Moll would use gossip, rumours and lies to advance her social status, we produced our own piece of improvised drama under the same theme. Clare would take the part of a slightly more innocent modern day Moll, telling her lies simply because she wanted to fit in, and become 'cool', while myself and Lol played the two girls who she would tell different stories to and who would eventually catch her out. This piece worked particularly well because of its ensemble work, and its timing. Also, due to the fact its topic involved pregnancy, it had even more relation to Moll Flanders. Another piece we worked on was our Conscience piece. It could be said Moll didn't appear to have much of a conscience, and on those themes made this particular piece a little more poignant than the others because you saw in each group a person having to deal with their own. ...read more.


It was a good experience to have worked on pieces of the same title, and yet to see totally different drama material using just one theme from another group in another class, adding to our own ideas and adding more of a dimension to each theme. The spontaneous improvisation involved everything from using our bodies to interperate the actions and sounds of a machine, starting from an individual and eventually becoming a giant people-machine, to standing on the spot and putting ourselves into different situations, and would we play them out. These improvisations gave us all a bit of confidence and then we all eased into doing our structured improvisations, which for the most part we had prepared minus a script. Taking part in these improvisation exercises gave us all a better background in it after taking part in so many, particularly myself. It helped teach us skills of timing, being able to listen to others ideas, and observe other groups and form evaluative opinions. It also gave us an awareness of our body movements and facial expressions, and the ability to support one another in our groups. ...read more.

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