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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 4732

Improvisation involves a variety of different factors.

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Improvisation Improvisation involves a variety of different factors such as: * Imagination * Co-operation * Immediacy * Thinking quickly * Listening and Watching * Being Open to others suggestions * Relying on feelings * Word association * Brainstorming If all these factors are combined then a good improvisation will be formed. The first type of improvisation we studied was ' Spontaneous Improvisation'. This involved three sections impromptu, polished and extended. The first piece of 'impromptu improvisation' we did was done by us being given a title and then devising a scene for it. The first title was running away, in which we had to pair together and come up with a scene. For this title my partner (Jelani) and I did a scene in which two people were going crazy staying where they were and wanted to run away. We created this scene by shouting at each other and talking continuously to give the impression that we were going crazy. Also we used body language to suggest getting away such as moving our hands away from our bodies and we fidgeted to reflect the fact that we weren't happy and wanted to get away from where we were. I think this improvisation worked well because me and Jelani made it believable and we were very lively and vivid. The second title we were given was " On the Streets" for this improvisation we worked in-groups of 5 or 6. In my group were Ashley, Jelani, Matthew, Sara and Jennifer. We acted out a scene, which represented the stereotypical view of a bad street. In this scene we used prostitution and drug abuse to create a believable improvisation. The drug abusers were curled up in the corner shaking to make the audience believe they were actually taking drugs. The prostitutes spoke in a common slang sort of way to show the way in which normal people view them. ...read more.


The captions and freeze frames my group did were: "Girlhood is having sleepovers". For this we all lay on the floor facing each other and acting happy. Also we propped our heads up with our arms as if we were talking. The second freeze-frame we did was "Girlhood is putting on make-up". For this we all sat as if we were looking in mirrors and poised out hands near our faces as if we were using make-up. One person opened their eyes half way and pretended to be putting on mascara. Another person was pretending to be holding a lipstick and they curled their lips as a girl does when she is putting on make-up. The third freeze frame we did was "Girlhood is checking out guys". For this we all stood with our hands on our hips with looks of admiration on our faces. The fourth freeze-frame we did was "Girlhood is going shopping". For this one we all stood like we were holding heavy carrier bags. The fifth freeze-frame we did was "Girlhood is talking on the phone". For this we all put our pinkies to our mouths and our thumbs to our ears to symbolise talking on the phone. I enjoyed this piece because they enabled us to explore the themes in both a stereotypical way and then gain more understanding about what really makes childhood. The next thing we did was do a scene illustrating the effect Falstaff had on other people in his childhood. We did this by having a Falstaff on his deathbed and all the people he had done something too walking round saying what he had done. We had the goose he plucked saying "why did u pluck me, little Margaret saying why did you knock me up. One of the boys he got in fights with saying why did you beat me up?. Also we had the butterfly which he killed saying why did you kill me. ...read more.


They acted very scared and talked about how they missed their families. I really enjoyed these monologues, as they were very realistic and full of emotion. The fifth piece we did was an execution of two hostages by the terrorists. In my group were Matthew, Mark, Michelle, Jelani, Sacha, Erica, Jennifer and Sara. I was the main terrorist and I used the tone of my voice, the way I stood and my facial expressions to represent this. The hostages all acted really scared and when one hostage was taken to be killed her boyfriend went insane. I think this piece didn't work extremely well because we had more than one piece of action at a time. The sixth piece we did was a battle between the FBI and the SNQ. I was part of the FBI. We set up a barrier of chairs to be the Himalayas. We all held imaginary guns and we each ad a sound-effect. We fought in slow motion to enhance the scene. I think this scene worked well as it was the whole class and we all collaborated well together. The final piece of improvisation we did was a nightmare sequence of a person who survived the kidnapping remembering it. We did this by all walking round in a circle whispering a line at first. Then we gradually built-up our voices to the fever pitch then the person in the middle screamed. I really enjoyed improvisation because it is a really fun way to express oneself and it allows you to let yourself go and be something or someone else without humiliating yourself. Also it is interesting to see the how different people reacted to the different stimuli. All the different stimuli were very interesting and it was great fun to explore the wide range of stimuli there is. I think that improvisation allowed me to open up more and you see the quietest of people in a different light. You aren't afraid to make a fool out of yourself and its interesting to notice how different people in the class reacted to the different stimuli. ...read more.

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