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In Flame Review!

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ACTING HIGHLIGHTS: All actors portrayed totally different characters, all of which superb and unique. My favourite was Alex. Her role was quite simple, there was no real stereotype she could follow yet the depth of Alex and her problems she held within her made me have empathy for her. The actions were kept to a minimal but the facial expressions showed exactly what Alex was thinking and feeling. I could tell from the start that she loved her mother but didn't have the means, time or patience to look after her and that she thought her mother would be better off somewhere that she could be look ed after properly. The character's naivety of falling in love with a married man and thinking he would leave his wife was a shock because the character seemed as though she was intelligent and level headed enough to listen to her brain. So I thought this was especially good. I also liked the end where she exploded up at the rest of them. It left me speechless, as I wasn't expecting her to do that. I felt mortified for Alex because her world had been turned upside down. I picked this actress because although she wasn't the most noticeable, the complexity of the character was shown throughout and she took me through so many emotions. COMPARISONS: TASK 1:THE RESPONSE PHASE (summary of work) ...read more.


We played the characters as solitaire pieces and the characters stepped over their mothers to show the gradual progression. We left Rosie to win and interlinked the people actually playing solitaire and winning with her character. We played the final scene at the end because in it Rosie is trying to figure out the secret to solitaire and, as we wanted to show Rosie figuring out how to be the most successful and beating everyone else in life and in the game. (I.e. becoming the winner). TASK 2: THE DEVELOPMENT PHASE (details of a piece of work) This was my fifth assessment: FIRST DEVELOPMENT STAGE I worked with Lisa, Lauren and Dani. The teacher gave each group a nursery rhyme relevant to the play 'My mother said' so we could devise a piece. These poems were 'Georgie Porgy', 'Ring-a-ring-a-roses', and 'Ding-dong-bell'. My group were given 'Ring-a-ring-a-roses' which was the one we actually wanted. We had plenty of immediate ideas and we wrote down each one so we could evaluate them. We decided to swap the version we were given of the poem because we knew we wouldn't use the whole of it because it had lots of different meanings. So, instead, we decided to use the version we knew and grew up with. That version was originally about the plague and the deaths caused from it. ...read more.


The other girls came over and asked me to play but the little girl made an excuse and the others carried on playing unaware of the commitment and sacrifice the men in the war had made in order for them to live in freedom and happiness. We froze and the final 4 chimes rang out symbolising the end of the piece. I thought I played the little girl well as I added feeling and thought to every word and gesture. I tried to think how I would actually feel to loose a loved one and wrote the lines from the heart. I think this came across. I was really pleased with the overall outcome of this piece, as it was moving and powerful. I got to actually act which I loved and felt my roles were kept throughout. It was original and creative. I was impressed at how our ideas came together to develop a symbolic story of a child's background. I think the piece would have been better with music if we had had the time to add it. Also with props it could have been improved because the audience would have got the fact that it was Remembrance Day (because of the poppy wreath). Maybe we could have also added a scene with the little girl's family and how loosing a loved one has changed their lives. ANALYSIS OF ANOTHER GROUPS PIECE WHICH I FOUND EFFECTIVE. ...read more.

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