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In this essay I will be examining the main character in Robert Westall's 'Kingdom By The Sea,' Harry Baguely.

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Kingdom By The Sea Assessment In this essay I will be examining the main character in Robert Westall's 'Kingdom By The Sea,' Harry Baguely. The novel is set in the middle of the Second World War and follows Harry's journey up the north coast of Northumberland. I will be showing the development of Harry's personality from when he was a bright-faced, clean 11 year old right through to the end of the novel when he becomes a grubby faced but emotionally mature 12 year old. Throughout Harry's journey, he has experienced many negative events, the first being the bombing of his house and the apparent killing of his family, - his mum, dad and little sister Dulcie. ...read more.


Much later on in the novel, Harry comes across a nasty character called 'Corporal Merman,' who at first Harry did not understand and did not know how to respond to, but after a while Harry realises Merman is some sort of paedophile or another. Harry felt uncomfortable around Merman, as demonstrated when Merman arrived at the pillbox where Harry was temporarily living; 'Harry covered his bare legs up as he realised it was Merman.' From this evidence it is clear that Harry dislikes Merman and knows what Merman's 'game' is. Don the dog - Harry's companion - was always the one who saved Harry from danger but in the situation with Merman, Don was not around to defend Harry. ...read more.


This is an important stage in the novel as Harry realises he would never be completely alone again. Overall, Harry has been through a lot - good times and bad - and has emotionally matured a lot, so much so that when he was reunited with his family he felt they wouldn't be able to have the same relationship they had before. Harry has learnt how to survive alone on the streets and in the long term I think this was a good experience for him, because now he knows the only way to survive on the streets with no money is by doing the things he never would have done normally. ...read more.

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