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In this essay I will look at two different views on the production, "Macbeth," originally written by William Shakespeare and how two different directors have used their imagination to create suspense and excitement in the opening scenes of the play.

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The opening scene to any production is probably the most important scene of the whole play. This may be for a film, book, or in this case a stage production. The opening scene will set out the genre for the play and the main characters. The opening scene has to create suspense, be intriguing and also capture the attention of the audience. This is very important because if the opening scene is not interesting then the audience may lose interest and may not continue watching. In this essay I will look at two different views on the production, "Macbeth," originally written by William Shakespeare and how two different directors have used their imagination to create suspense and excitement in the opening scenes of the play. This is often described as "bringing the page to the stage" I will look at the opening scene of Shakespeare's production and also Polanski's production of the same play, "Macbeth" From the start Polanski is at and advantage as he has the use of technology to help him create the desired effect but with Shakespeare, he didn't have such aids. AS a brief description of the opening scene, there are three witches who come together to cast a spell. ...read more.


They are not very nice to look at and although at first you would not know they were witches. The three witches were of three different ages. There was a fairly young witch, middle aged witch and an older witch. I think Polanski used this age range to signify that witchcraft can affect any one of any age. If you look closely at the opening scene you may notice that the younger witch appears to be dumb, the middle-aged witch appears to be deaf while the older witch appears to be blind. I think Polanski as used these disabilities to show that these women were outcasts of society. The witches once described by Banquo as, "So withered, and so wild in their attire, That look like the inhabitants o' th' earth, And yet are on't? When the witches first come on scene they arrive with an old wobbly cart. The older witch draws a circle in the sand on the beach with and old crooked stick. Because this stick is old and crooked, it shows how evil and wicked the witches are and how Macbeth is going to be. The witches then begin to dig out the out in the circle drawn by the older witch. ...read more.


You can see that in both of these sentences the words, "Foul and fair" are used. The witches uses them first and then Macbeth. This shows the witches have been up to something and have corrupted Macbeths mind. Though in Shakespeare's version he uses these words, "Foul and fair" at the end of the text. This doesn't have as much effect as in Polanski's version where he shows the connection between the witches and Macbeth right at the start. We learn Macbeth is regarded as "noble and valiant cousin" and the king puts his trust in him saying, "He was a gentleman on which I build as absolute trust." Little does the king know that "noble" Macbeth has been affected by the witches and will betray him. In Polanski's version, the last words spoken are, "There to meet with........Macbeth!" They pause between the words, "with" and "Macbeth" to catch the audience's attention. Polanski made the last word be "Macbeth." This is a good way of ending the scene as it will leave the audience thinking about the name and what is in store for him. I think Polanski has interpreted Shakespeare original story very well and has produced a very exciting and eerie opening scene. This is very important for the film and after watching the opening scene it made me want to watch on to see what the outcome was for Macbeth. Russell Lyness 12E ...read more.

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