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In what way was the stimulus material developed though the drama process?

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After getting a general understanding into Edward Hopper as a person I began to look into his paintings for ideas and inspiration. This became rather an enjoyable experience and each painting came up with the theme of 'loneliness'. I decided to use the location and content of each painting to create a spider diagram, and then develop the ideas from there, where I narrowed 5 ideas down to one. The painting titled Nighthawk seen below, created1942 is said to be regarded as one of his most definitive pieces of work. Upon looking at the picture for the first time I was taken back his ability to separate the caf´┐Ż from the street behind using light. This for me created a microcosm of society highlighting everyone as an individual with there own problems. Upon studying this piece further each individual seem to be lost and a million miles away from each other, rather than on the next bar stool, but at the same time make them dependant of each other. When put into groups we each put forward our idea and stimulus, then choose the idea as group we wanted to go ahead with and develop. ...read more.


This structure was fundamental in helping us develop ideas and get more than one persons view on them. A great idea came from a colleague to use a doppelganger; this would help show how 'loneliness' and 'isolation' could affect and shape a child. Looking back on our stimulus we then developed the idea of being in a community, and how it is made up individuals. We improvised scenes in a classroom, playground and sport field, then adding still image to them to highlight key parts. After evaluating the different locations, we choose to use the playground as it was the area where kids were free to do most things. It also mirrored the bar in Nighthawk as it showed how some people grouped together, and some left on there own. We then began looking at how we could develop ideas into our playground scene, the first thing we did was to isolate one child and incorporate the idea of a doppelganger. We tried included our still images, but felt it did not show clearly enough a doppelganger. So we created a scene of a child getting stabbed in the back by his team mate in a game of cowboys and ...read more.


We then tried to look at the given circumstances like color, props and costume. We looked at having black costumes as it highlights the face more and magnifies there emotions. Also red was a color used a lot by Hopper for costume as well as props. In the next rehearsal we decided to look for ways of showing the child in later life. We went back to the stimulus and decided showing the child as 'the odd one out'. We used the idea that we are all different and individuals in a community, so we created a work scene where each person was dependant on another for them to complete there specific job. We came up with a sequence of five movements in an office, and focused on the grown up child who suffered from loneliness in the playground, each rotation of the five moments he would become more and more out of sequel. Using his doppelganger we were able to express the thoughts of the character, and show how he had developed a friendship with 'himself'. ?? ?? ?? ?? 5/7/2007 Jack Bitton Question 2.) In what way was the stimulus material developed though the drama process? 1 ...read more.

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