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In What Ways Are The Stories "Your Shoes" and "Flight" Said To Be Similar.

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In What Ways Are The Stories "Your Shoes" and "Flight" Said To Be Similar "Flight" and "Your Shoes" are both similar in their own ways. The authors Doris Lessing (from Flight) and Michele Roberts (from Your Shoes) both try to express the idea of the older person seeking to restrain the younger one. It explores the feelings and actions of these people and how they cope with their sorrows. "Your Shoes" is about a mother whose fifteen-year-old daughter has just run away after an argument. "Flight" is about a grandfather who lives alone and is loosing all his grandchildren to their husbands. They both express themselves with things that they find important in their lives. ...read more.


These all show that is slightly self absorbed and if you read it closely you sense a hint of jealousy. At times, it seems as if the mother and the grandfather resent the actions of the young. The grandfather says quite a lot to do with youth, "violent-bodied youth", "young body", "young girls" and "escape from the youth". With that, it also gives out the impression that he is jealous of the relationship. However, the mother expresses these feelings differently in "Your Shoes", in an old-fashioned way, and at the same time discriminating, assuming and speculating the youth of today. For e.g., "It's not very nice having to imagine you mixing with people like that", talking about her daughter mixing with people of her own age that are drug addicts and hang around tube stations. ...read more.


then he held out his wrist for the bird to take flight, and then caught it when it was about to spread its wings, which relates well to the story. In the middle of this tale, his granddaughter gives him a bird to symbolise herself when she leaves, but towards the end, he lets go, gives freedom to the bird like he did to his granddaughter. "Your Shoes" is written in the style of a letter, using the first person, whereas "Flight" has the characters being written about, using third person and objective. I find both these stories very emotional. Although "Flight" is written with a lot more emotion and you can tell the way the character is feeling, "Your Shoes" has the same storyline and is just as powerful, if not more. Patricia Moreira-Watkins 10P ...read more.

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