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In your opinion is Joe Keller a good man, a bad man or simply an ordinary person?

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In your opinion is Joe Keller a good man, a bad man or simply an ordinary person? Joe Keller is a 60 year old man who lives in an American town during the Second World War. Joe is the father of two sons; he is the father of the Keller family. He works in a factory which used to make p-40 cylinder heads. He has a high status in the society. Before the start of the play Joe works with Steve Deever, at their P-40 factory. Joe is absent for one day, he is supposedly sick and Steve has to do a very important job. Some broken cylinder heads were produced that day, Steve phoned Joe; he asked Steve to sell them anyway, but the twenty one aeroplanes and pilots crashed. The twenty one pilots died in the act. All the blame was put on Steve because the telephone call where Joe had told him to disguise the cracks and sell them but it had been denied by Joe, so Steve was found guilty. Joe was declared innocent; Steve went to jail and took all the blame. Joe is a very hard worker; he would do anything for his family. At his job, he works so hard only for his family and to bring money home to keep them all happy. ...read more.


We know he was supposedly bad because at the end when Kate and Joe are talking with George, Kate says: "Joe hasn't been at bed sick for the last 25 years", at that time was when the event happened. This makes us feel bad towards him. That day Joe didn't go to work and Steve had to do it all himself. All the blame was for Steve because when they went to the courts because the 21 pilots had died, Joe denied the phone call in which he had told Steve to fix them anyway. This makes us think he is a very selfish man. He justifies his behaviour by saying that he did it for Chris and his family. He says that his family is the most important thing and that he didn't mind to do what he did to make his family happy. In my opinion his excuses are unacceptable, because you cant excuse killing 21 people only so that your family has money, because live is more important than money. Also you can do a lot of things for your family but you cant never kill other people just for your family. I think his excuses are not acceptable. At the end of the play, Joe commits suicide; I think this is caused mainly because the pilots trusted him like a father but he left them down badly and Steve being in jail. ...read more.


He is also an extremely selfish person and only wants more and more money, he is very ambitious, he doesn't care about other people's lives and families. On the whole, Joe Keller has good aspects and bad aspects, he is a friendly and emotive person but I think he is an extremely selfish person. Joe changes during the play, I think that at the start he is a more rough and at the end he starts to be more sensitive and affectionate towards other people. From my point of view, he is an ordinary man of that time, at those periods people couldn't care less about other peoples lives. Everyone wanted to do money out of the war I know this because of this quote: "Who worked for nothing in the war? When they work for nothing; I will work for nothing." and I think that he did as everyone. We know this because at the start of the play he talks with Chris telling him that he made his money like everyone else. "Becouse its good money Chris, there is nothing wrong with that money" with these words he is defending the money he made out of war and death as everyone else. Joe Keller is simply an ordinary man. Borja Merelo 10C ...read more.

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