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Ionsecu's Rhinoceros at the Royal Court Theatre. To begin with the staging it was in a shape of a simple square and no staging curtains were covering it.

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Rhinoceros 071155368 Although the title of the play was called 'Rhinoceros', I did not initially believe it would be about rhinoceroses. Instead I believed that the word 'rhinoceros' was a mere hidden meaning which would be revealed later on in the play and yet to my surprise the play was about rhinoceroses. Even more intriguing was that people were transforming into rhinoceroses. This gave me a wider range of aspects to look at regarding lighting, sound, staging etc... To begin with the staging it was in a shape of a simple square and no staging curtains were covering it. The side walls were painted white to keep the staging simple and not to distract the audience from the performers. With the walls painted white there was no need to emphasis the scene change by using added back drops to change location of the scene. The far back wall was made up of joint wooden planks which would slowly fall gradually through the performance. ...read more.


By this time the sounds become extremely loud with rapid sounds of powerful animal galloping very close by. These sounds felt as if some were made by a group of people making the animal trumpeting sounds, however the galloping was probably produced by instruments to get the full effect the play needed. Smoke would also appear where the rhinoceros appears to be running and the performers would stare in horror at that particular point of the stage. To create illusion of the rhinoceros charging, it has to move to various points around the stage or in this case the theatre, where the audience is sitting. This is where the interaction of the audience begins. For the illusion of the rhinoceros charging through the audience, smoke isn't used to show that the rhinoceros is actually within the audience as it does when on stage, but the animal galloping, trumpeting sound increasing with the help of surround sound to emphasis to the audience that the rhinoceros was there with them, and also the performers looking into the audience as if they were the rhinoceros or it was charging through them. ...read more.


He wore a cream shirt, brown trousers and wasn't wearing a tie. This wasn't a traditional suit that his friends Jean wore or any other male characters. The intended meaning I got from the colour connotations, especially with the costumes was that Berenger and Daisy both wore very individual costumes. With the walls painted white there was no individuals and the play focusing on the people in the local town turning into rhinoceroses, by the end there are no individuals, everyone is a rhinoceros apart from Berenger who fights his way of not becoming 'one of them'. There are many other elements that contributed to the whole performance, such as lighting, organisation of space, sound effects that I thought were done brilliantly. To sum up the whole meaning of the play, I would have to relate it to the word 'individual'. I think the intended meaning created was to show that most of societies are not individuals and most people say or do things because others are doing it. Gradually within the play everyone wanted to become a rhinoceros, afraid of being different from one another. ...read more.

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