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Is there knowledge we should not seek? Or is all knowledge inherently and can only persons be harmful?

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Janis Lasmanis 11. sb Is there knowledge we should not seek? Or is all knowledge inherently and can only persons be harmful? During all men's life he perceives more and more knowledge. Although some of the knowledge people gain by an accident (for example hearing a conversation on the street) however most of the knowledge is pursued consciously and willingly by the person. During the process of perceiving the knowledge men occasionally do illegal or amoral things and many may regard that the knowledge is not worth the sacrifice it has taken to perceive. I have thought a lot about this topic and I have realized that there are many aspects to look at to really judge whether the knowledge is worth to seek. First of all is the purpose for seeking knowledge; also the question - how the knowledge will be used and should we use all the knowledge we have or there is some knowledge we just know? I should also mention that to my mind there are generally two types of knowledge - personal knowledge that is related exactly to the person who knows it and the other type - general knowledge which is related to the whole society. ...read more.


Most of the knowledge have different ways of using it so this remains in people's hands to decide how to use the perceived knowledge - the scientists who invented nuclear energy an electricity did not mean to use it for bad purposes. But if they would not discover such inventions there also would not be any one who would realize that there is other uses for nuclear energy or electricity. But then again - so what, that we know how to kill a man with electricity or how to make an atomic bomb. The question is whether we will do it? We can keep an electric chair or nuclear explosives at home and it will do no harm to anyone if we will not use them. Everyone of us knows a whole bunch of rude words but that does not mean that all we do is go around and say them to every next person we meet on the street. People have to realize what knowledge can be used in the exact situation. With the knowledge is just like with the good manners - you have to know what to do or say in the exact situations. ...read more.


Actually it is not knowledge that can do any harm or benefit to us but it is the way how we interpret and use it. We can have all the knowledge there is in the world an it would do nothing if we would just know it. The main problem is what to do with the knowledge. People have to realize where and how to use the knowledge and whether to use it at all. Only if it is used in an appropriate way then we can benefit from the knowledge otherwise it is a complete waste. It is easy to find an inappropriate use for any knowledge we have so it is not a great ability to use it in the wrong way for example I know how to eat with a folk but I also realize that it is possible to kill a person with that folk but that does not mean that I will go and right away kill the first man on the street. The main competence is to have enough knowledge to use the knowledge we have in an appropriate way and in the real time. Otherwise the knowledge is useless and may even be harmful to the person who has it and also to others around him. ...read more.

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