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GCSE English Media Essay Coursework The film Jaws was directed by a popular director called Steven Spielburg. Steven Spielburg directed some great well known films, e.g. E.T, Close Encounters of the 3rd kind and this film is a good example. The film Jaws is about a gargantuan great shark which is a man eating shark. The shark attacks many people in different terrifying and horrifying ways throughout the film and the shark slaughtered many people throughout the film. The film shows us our natural fear against the shark. The film was set in America in a place called Amity Island on a particular day, the day was July 4th. The reason why it was set on this particular date is because on this date it is the American Independence Day. During this national day people celebrate America's independence. This film is still such a popular film because sharks are one of our worst dreadful fears in life. In the film the music is very interesting the music can make you think what's going to happen in particular scenes in the film. For example the second attack on the small young boy who was paddling on a craft and when he was about to get attacked the music gets louder, faster, thrilling, much effective and that makes the audience think that the shark is near by and is going to attack. ...read more.


In the book on the second attack it says that the shark sees the boys feet moving under the water and comes towards his feet to attack but then the boy stops moving his feet and the shark gets confused and doesn't attack, then the boy starts moving his feet again and then the shark attacks him. In the film the shark sees the boy's feet moving and comes directly and attacks with out stopping. The director builds up the fear of the shark by making the music go louder and faster with a thrilling theme. The director also builds up the fear of the shark by keeping the appearance of the original shark until the end. The director only shows us photos of the past, showing what kind of dreadful damage the shark can cause and he also uses a point of view camera shot from the sharks perspective on many occasions. At a certain point of the film a shark is caught which the audience believes is the original man-eating shark but later they find out that they are mistaken and that the man-eating shark is still out there. The audience knew this because the director showed Brody and Hooper checking the shark's stomach and they didn't find any Human body parts at all. ...read more.


It actually was two kids messing around meanwhile brodys' kids were in the safety pool and the original shark was in there thanks to the two small kid's that were swimming around with the artificial fin who distracting the seekers of the original shark. The shark had a clear attack on brodys kids. Then a man on the boat tried in vane to help and was attacked instead. That builds up great tension and fear of the audience because the director made the audience believe that the two boys who were messing around under the artificial shark fin were really a shark but then he made the audience realise that the original shark was in the safety pool were brodys' kids were. I thought the scariest moment in the film was towards the end when Quint was attacked by the shark and he was eaten that was the scariest moment and horrifying moment because you can see the sharks teeth covered in blood and small bits of meat on his sharp teeth as they looked lethal as it crushed Quint. I also noticed the size of it, it was incredibly colossal and almost the size of the ship that brody and his team members went on to hunt down the shark. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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