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July 14th, Day before performance of The Twelfth Night play at the Globe

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July 14th, Day before performance of 'The Twelfth Night@ play at the Globe Everyone is talking about the performance tomorrow. There are people wishing they could go but the tickets sold out in a week. This play is so popular here because it is the first place it will be shown anywhere in the world. I was fortunate enough to get hold of a ticket. It was very expensive but I could afford it! I got a balcony seat, which is the best you can get and that's why it is so pricey. I could just about afford it! I have heard many rumors about the show. Some people are saying it is a waste of time and money because the actors can't act. There are no special effects or realism. It will be so bad everyone will have left by the interval. These rumors came from the mouths of people, which had no tickets. ...read more.


It's directly in front of it and under a roof as I have heard it is to shower tomorrow. I want to be able to enjoy the play without getting completely soaking wet! I also got this seat because it is cheaper than sitting in the balcony as I cannot afford to have that seat again! I have heard that there are some scenes which are very passionate so I will have to cover my eyes at some points if this is true. It is not fit for me to see with my career. September 21st, Day of Performance of 'Romeo and Juliet' at the Globe theatre in London I have just gotten back from the show and it was excellent. There were no scenes in which it was not fit for me to see. Unfortunately it was not as good as 'The Twelfth Night' play but good enough for the money I paid. ...read more.


The performance is later in the day so it will get dark I have no idea how I will see the acting. I have just gotten back and the show was the best I have ever seen in my life. It was exactly what I thought it would be and better! They used candles to light the stage and it was eerie. They used some kind of smoke to make a mist on the stage. I have never seen that done before. Some of the scenes were so exciting and so full of tension. A couple of times I jumped out of my seat. I did meet the King and his wife in the end. They invited me to dine with them next week. I accepted their invitation of course. What an honor! I am looking forward to that very much. I am wondering how many important people will be there. The king said I should organize a play at the palace. He said he would award me greatly if it was as good as Macbeth. Janine Smith A theatre goers Diary 02/05/07 ...read more.

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