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Listening without judgment and thinking positively.

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Listening without judgment The sketch that was just been performed on stage by my friends shows you one of the consequences that can arise due to listening without judgment. There are many more consequences that you can imagine but I can tell you that they are all disastrous. Misunderstanding is a major factor which is the origin of fights in families. A person young or old must always be taken seriously when relating his problems. It is not always necessary that a younger person is always at fault. An older person may also be at fault. In many families, if a person is older than all the family members it means that he is always right. ...read more.


So just imagine that you go and tell your parents about your problems and they do not listen to you or make you the culprit without knowing the whole problem. What would be your reaction? Won't you react in the same way as these persons? Naturally this will discourage you even more. Thinking positively Thinking plays a very important role in our everyday life. Every action is accompanied by a thought. There are two main ways of thinking; Thinking positively and thinking negatively. Frankly speaking thinking positively is much better for yourself and your surroundings. Any negative thought can have terrible consequences and this is one of the factors that prevents national unity. Jealousy is an imperfection that man has a role to play in the creation of negative thinking. ...read more.


The parents must think of it in a positive manner. If they know that they can trust their child enough and that the latter will not commit any mistake that will make either the child or the parent regret the problem of negative thinking will not arise at all. If instead the parent has positive thinking of his son or daughter, the latter will never try to deceive the parent. These two vivid examples show you how bring along love and peace in a family. As you can see, lack of trust in a family destroys its peace and there will never be peace in the family. So trust in a family is a very important factor and this will allow have national unity in the family. All relation are based on trust. It is very important to trust your partner, son or whatever it may be as it will allow to create a better relation. ...read more.

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