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Live like pigs and refugees drama comparison

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Live like pigs and Refugees drama comparison Live like pigs has the same background as the devised refugee piece because both pieces are to do with moving to different places and also changing themselves. There home is also pretty much the same to as in the live like pigs piece they live in a condemned broken tramcar on a caravan site which is not a practical place to live, and in the refugees piece they have to move to a place with conditions like the place in live like pigs. The language of the live like pigs piece is like there from up north because the word summit is used quite a lot, which actually means something and also they use the word mister and misses spelt differently, but in the refugees piece it was mostly our own voices with some accents but not really old English. ...read more.


In live like pigs the play is quite convincing because of the different types of languages used and the way it is laid out. . The setting is also important to the genre such as different colours, textual demands, and the relationship to the audience, durability, images and different atmospheres/moods. The place in the live like pigs piece is in a condemned broken tramcar at a caravan site with no windows, no water, the way people lived in them sort of conditions would probably get diseases and infected cuts. But in the refugee piece it was mostly set in cramp conditions and would be very dark which would be very very uncomftable. Also in the refugee piece the way people would have lived once they get into another country they would be staying in a small flat with other people and would probably look cheap and feel it as well. ...read more.


Both of the characters have relationships with someone or something and always have motivation. The child in the refugee piece I think is more mature then the child in live like pigs because of the little age difference, I think this because of the older child caring about her family where as the younger child cares more about her self. I think this because the younger Childs dad is a gypsy so she probably copied her father. I think the refugee piece is a Stanislavski theory because of the detail which makes the audience engages with the characters and the storyline. I think the live like pigs piece is a brecht theory because some of it has social issues which the audience is often made up to face to. Max Taylor ...read more.

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