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Lloyd Banks- The Hunger For More

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AS COMMUNICATIONS- SEPTEMBER BREAK ASSIGNMENT Lloyd Banks- The Hunger For More The way 'Lloyd Banks' is written, is purposely intended to replicate the American dollar if not a pile of American dollars, hence the use of the colour green and the way the American dollar sign is replacing the 'S' at the end of 'Banks'. The background itself is a whole new way to look at things compared to the person standing in the cover. It (the background) shows a socially deprived neighbourhood, there are certain objects and key points which show that it is socially deprived i.e. ...read more.


Although the person appears to be wealthy, the background, as I mentioned before, tells its own story. It could be emphasising his background or childhood. Lloyd Banks' body language and facial expressions on the front cover make him look as though he is suspicious and he always has to watch his back. He looks wary yet doubtful. Compared to the atmosphere around him he looks leery. Observing from another person point of view (who's at the same location), I would think he appears to be very mistrustful. I think the most important signifiers are the person's facial expressions and the background. ...read more.


Firstly, as I mentioned earlier Lloyd Banks is attempting to put across a 'thug life' image. Although he may not feel the same way, I think it really degrades the majority of black people around the world, because not all of them want the same image of being 'money- hungry' people living in poor urban neighbourhoods. I think this kind of imagery really rates black people lowly in accordance with class. And the name of the album also needs to be underlined for, in a way, saying that these black people are 'hungry for more', when its icons like Lloyd Banks who give them this deprived image in the first place, and then appear on newspapers, T.V. etc. being proud of it. ...read more.

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