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Looking at two different texts one being The Painting: The Family by Paula Rego and the story of John Tanner and Rachel McLean.

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GCSE Drama We looked at two different 'texts' one being The Painting: 'The Family' by Paula Rego and the story of John Tanner and Rachel McLean. The painting does not have a specific story behind it as Paula Rego never explained why she painted it. The painting is left, very much, to the imagination to the person who is looking at it. So many interpretations of 'The Family' may come across to different people. The story of John and Rachel is a true story about a couple who were together, while at different universities. At first their relationship was fine at first but after a while john started to become very jealous of Rachel, and what she was wearing and where she was going. ...read more.


Both stories (the murder parts) were set in a bedroom. The kinds of people in the two texts seem quite jealous and angry. They also have a person, who seems to have been upset and turned into the killer. In lesson we created three scenes based upon the painting 'The Family' by Paula Rego. Our first scene was an adult movie in which a 'pizza delivery girl' is seduced (due to he has no money) by a man. She was then taken over to the bed where sexual favours were swapped the girl then got into a position which set a still image of 'The Family'. In our second scene we all, but one, played actors who were out of role at the end of a rehearsal. We all start chatting about general things. ...read more.


The third and final scene, which is set in a pub in the east-end of London. We play a range of different characters from old men to drunks (even both). It is closing time in the pub and everyone is turned out of the pub except one person, who is hidden behind some chairs. Once everyone was out the landlady cleared up and headed up to bed unaware that this mysterious character was following her. Once the landlady is in bed this character pounces on her and tries to attack her. Unknown to him that she managed to overpower him an after a big fight the final pose is the one of 'The Family'. We used a lot of still images within these scenes to make the certain pose stand out. Also scene two and three linked more than any of the others. ?? ?? ?? ?? William Hollis 11C8 ...read more.

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