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Macbeth - Act five scene, 8

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Macbeth Literature assignment. For my literature assignment I have chosen act five scene, 8. I have chosen this scene because it is the final result of the play. From what the witches said in the first act 'fair is foul and, foul is fair'. By Macduff winning his fight against Macbeth puts the play back on track. I have also chosen this scene because this is where Macbeth, the main character gets killed and loses the throne to Macduff. My scene is going to be staged in a boxing ring. The fight in scene 8 between Macbeth and Macduff will be based on Rahman and Lewis, which will be later this year. ...read more.


My scene is not that long. I have to change my actor's language to modern so that very body can understand what they are saying. I 'm not using iambic pentameter because when the actors speak what they are saying will not sound write, the thing that is also changing is the words, in the different verses. For example, instead of "my voice is in my sword, thou bloodier villain", I am going to write, "my voice is in my glove you cocky villain." Whilst the characters are fighting they will be saying their lines. Like when Macduff say, " my voice is in my glove", he is moving this fist furiously toward Macbeths face and just before he hits Macbeth he would say "you cocky villain", when he says villain he shout it out and hit Macbeth in the face. ...read more.


Macbeth would be circled by a red light but not as bright as Macduffs blue light. There will a white ultra violet light, which will flash very fast right at the end just before Macduff knocks Macbeth out. I'm going to use this light so that when Macduff punches Macbeth you can see it but in a way you will see the punch as a flash back. From when Lewis got hit by Rahman. When the ultra violet light comes on all other lights turn of. Whilst the players a walking to the ring the rocky theme tune will be playing and when they're ready the music will turn of and cominteri will come in to play. When Macduff has won I play a sad tune that represents Macbeths death. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kuldeep Jagpal Literature Assignment 02/05/07 ...read more.

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