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'Macbeth,' one of William Shakespeare's shortest and bloodiest tragedies was written in 1606.

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'Macbeth' 'Macbeth,' one of William Shakespeare's shortest and bloodiest tragedies was written in 1606. Macbeth is also possibly the most memorable. It is a mysterious and somewhat powerful play. It has also attracted various film directors such as Polanski. Roman Polanski is famous for his horror and thriller - like films. He decided to express his interpretation on it and filmed an unexpected and different version of the play 'Macbeth.' The three witches in the tragedy Macbeth are introduced right at the beginning of the play and the brief opening few scenes give an immediate impression of mystery, horror and uncertainty. This is a sign of things to come as witchcraft is used as one of the main themes of the play. The witches create an atmosphere of evil and disorder. ...read more.


A noose is taken from a cart that the witches are dragging with them, it is folded and buried in the hole in the sand. The witches have faces, one of them is young and does not look like a witch, she also does not seem to speak, the other two witches are old and one has no eyes. A severed hand and forearm are buried and an aristocratic dagger is placed in its clenched fingers. This gives the idea of ambition, and a signal that daggers are going to be important later in the story. At this stage it creates mystery, and intrigues the audience. The hole is filled and a phial of blood is thrown on the buried items, and its vivid redness takes us back to the opening shot, The witches spit on the sand. ...read more.


This lasts 55 seconds compared to the four minute detailed scene Polanski has created. This would ideally be a better choice for children to watch as children have a short attention span. The opening scene starts off with a Greek mask breaking up, this probably indicates Macbeth and his life being torn apart. While this is happening, a commentary explains the actions which are about to take place. Dark colours are used, and also exciting music. The three witches then emerge into the scene, wearing dark, scruffy cloths, they begin their dialogue: 'When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?' The witches then hold hands, forming a circle, and swirl away, slowly disappearing. In conclusion, I preferred Polanski's version, probably because of the mysterious atmosphere created and the feeling of dark menace throughout the entire film. As a play, 'Macbeth' captured my imagination from the opening scenes and held my attention until the very end, Kerry Hayes ...read more.

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