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Macbeth Theatre Analysis

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Evelina Pogoriler Reader's Theatre The show Macbeth that was written by William Shakespeare was presented in Washington Square Church by New Perspective Theatre Company. The director of that show was Melody Brooks. This show contained many elements of presentational theatre but it was representational performance. This play involved many actors, where some actors had more than one role to perform. Actors spoke sometimes directly to the audience. It was unusual setting because it took place in the church. The audience sat in alley. They were guests of the house. Most of the time action took place in the center, between the two rows where the audience sat. The spectacle elements were used but they were more suggestive then literalized. The set was designed by Meganne George. The two rows of chairs aligned on left and right. This was one of the types of reader's theatre staging. On the far end there is a table (used in religious ceremonies) that was used for feasts. ...read more.


Later on when they become king and queen they wear the same dresses with a crown. I like the costumes of Weyward Sisters. They were wearing the overall stockings with green leaves. Macbeth played by George Spencer. The volume of his voice suited the space of the church. He was projecting with voice toward the audience. His voice was not lost in the space. His pitch was both high and low. At the end of the statement or command his pitch went down. When he was repeating the same word over and over again, like, "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow" his pitch was getting higher and higher and higher. Sometimes, before the changes occurred in the pitch he paused. The rate of his speech was fast for me to understand the meaning of each word. But he spoke slower than other characters. However every word was heard. As much as he had a great resonant voice he also moved well. When he was in rage he used the space so well. ...read more.


Lady Macbeth, also moved well. When Lady Macbeth thought out loud she looked directly to the audience. In the beginning when she came out she looked at me for a long time while she was speaking. I think that C. Amanda Maud did a wonderful job with her role as Lady Macbeth. Though, with other characters I was not satisfied with. For example, Weyward Sisters performed by three actors did not do a good job because while they were standing next to me they were not in their characters. They were talking about hair. They spent a long time in front of the audience, they reminded me of narrators because they knew what will happen to Macbeth. However, I did like fighting choreography, the way they moved and how they used their swords-that was a real performance. That made the show extra vital. Overall, I liked the play Macbeth. All of the actors articulated and moved well. This was conventional performance but with many elements of reader's theatre. It was interesting to see how director interpreted Macbeth for contemporary audience . ...read more.

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