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Module 3 drama portfolio

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Module 3 portfolio For my module 3 we used the picture as our stimulus as we felt we could have a wider range of ideas to use than if we had used the script or both. We didn't try anything else before we came to this decision as the group agreed to use just the picture was best for us, also in the 6 weeks of preparation for the exam we found it easier to do things related to the picture. My group consisted of myself, Jack Wood, Paul Bond and Sarah Schofield. We chose to work together as we though we could work well together and all got along as friends outside of the lesson also. We hadn't previously worked together so we felt it was good to change around and work with other people also I felt we could work well together and get the marks we want. I thought we would all take the piece very seriously. Unfortunately that didn't go to plan and some took it more serious then others. We did have our problems this time in communicating, this may have been down to that everyone was getting stressed as during the time we were also doing our GCSEs. ...read more.


I felt the audience could feel what the characters are going through during the stages in our play with the characters more as they were believed to be more realistic. Tragedy was the genre that all of my group felt confident with, we felt that we could all cope with that and that would be best suited towards how we act .We thought that this genre would best suit our research and the picture because it would help us to get our point across of how serous the issue is. We didn't try any other genres as we felt this genre was a good genre to use and didn't have the time to swap around after doing so much research on the piece involving this genre. The style we worked in was eclectic because we used naturalism and abstract theatre, we decided on this style as we had already started doing the practical part of the module 2 and that what we had done was naturalistic abstract as so we decided to use this style throughout. We didn't try to stay in just one style as this was the one our group felt most comfortable with. ...read more.


I did not know him though I feel as if I did, I could taste his blood on the tip of my tongue feel the coldness of his dead body and see the sadness in his eyes, for me this was the only way I could survive.. Lay there with the dead, pretending to be dead. Through my line of vision I could see my brother and aunt macheteed to death, (pause) I stopped looking around and just stared into the eyes of the man besides me that was much easier , I'd been there 3 days but these bodies had been there much longer( pause) The stench was unbearable, to think the only way to live my life was to lay amongst hundreds of the dead is unreal and heartbreaking. Each hour at least twenty more bodies were put in this god forsaken place, my initial plan was to lay there and wait a couple of days then make a run for it, however there has been guards 24/7 I'm running out of ideas and haven't eaten in days. In this speech I used pauses for a dramatic effect as I was showing my emotions with it being a very sad situation and I wanted the audience to take in and think about what I was telling them. ...read more.

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