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monologue Ugh, Im not sleeping, I guess thats what happens to people who have the images that I have in my head, but I have no regret at all. Why should I?

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Jess Burke You wouldn't understand People want to know, I guess, what turns a cute young girl like me into something that I am today. The truth? Why I did it? It's because I like it. I don't expect people to understand what it's like. They have no idea. To hold someone's life in your hands. To be in control. Ugh, I'm not sleeping, I guess that's what happens to people who have the images that I have in my head, but I have no regret at all. Why should I? There is that one image that over powers all the rest. That instant when she realizes your power, and she looks at you and you look at her, and she pleads with her eyes. ...read more.


I thought there was something inside me, lurking within, that would make me great. I've never been satisfied with the idea of simply living my life, dieing, and being forgotten. That's just not me. I want to be remembered for my achievements. And I will be, won't I? Sure, people are disgusted by what I've done. Horrified, think I'm a monster. But I can guarantee that they're not going to go home to their boring lives and just forget me. Oh no. I'm willing to bet I'll be on their minds for quite some time. I used to think I could find other ways to be recognized. ...read more.


With my bare hands, staring them right in the eye. Not for revenge, not for personal gain, because I like killing. People would pay attention then. The whole world would stop, with me in the center. Everyone looking at me. And I know what they're all thinking. I can see the looks on their faces, thinking I'm just an attention seeking little kid, but I'm not. I just want someone to notice me. All my life I've stayed in the background. There's always been that one student who gets better marks than me, That one teacher who makes me feel stupid, that one friend who always shuts me down, that one parent who's not interested, that one sibling who overshadows my achievements with theirs. And nobody even cares. I will be remembered, even as a killer, a murderer. ...read more.

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