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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 1840

monolouge I am really popular, my very best friend is Violet Bing and my desire is Jake OConnor the school hottie. I had everything I got from my parents and my life WAS brilliant.

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TRAPPED! Part 1 * I could hear the police sirens from a mile away from my house and that very moment I started to think what will happen to me, to my unborn baby, will he come with some disability problem or something like that, and at that moment I started to think what will happen my father, will they arrest him for what he done to me? For all the abuse and torture, what will happen to my once loving father who trapped me in this basement...... Katie 'Kate' Smith Chapter 1 Hey! My name is Katie Smith, call me Kate everybody does. I live in New York, Manhattan. I love it there. I go to Oxford High School and I'm in 12th grade (senior year and last year of school, YIPEE!!!), I am 17 yrs old. Well what else can I say I love cars and I am well organized. I have hazelish brown eyes to lure boys in to my traps (he he), light brown hair, every girl in this school is jealous of me and every boy in this school want me. I am really popular, my very best friend is Violet Bing and my desire is Jake O'Connor the school hottie. I had everything I got from my parents and my life WAS brilliant. Well there goes the bell, better get a move on before I get in trouble. ...read more.


Ms Rahman was practically shouting at me but I still couldn't hear her. But then when Matilda started to shake me, I woke. Everybody was looking at me, I was humiliated, and I went red. "Ok Violet are you back on earth yet? If you are turn to page 24 on your text book" and she walked away to her desk. "Ok Ms Rahman" I replied back to her. I looked around to Katie "This is your entire fault!!" I hissed. I was so angry I could murder somebody now. JAKE O'CONNOR Chapter 3 Why does life have to be sooo unfair? The hottest girl in school just rejected me! Do you want to know who? Yes. Ok then I'll tell you its Katie. Every guy wants her, every guy dreams of her. I feel sooo ashamed; I could have done better with the performance, like I could have given her something better then flowers and chocolates. So what can I do now, I'm just a lame, single 17yr old boy. I could try and ask her out again or I could go out with another girl, but one problem: no one is good as Katie. Every time I close my eyes I can see her at the rooftop where I got terribly ashamed, her hair flying with the wind, her eyes sparkling in the sun, her lips glistening and her waiting for me. ...read more.


I replied back to him. We went in and Jake got me a dry shirt, he took me to his room, he left, I locked the room and got undressed and put the dry shirt on. I came out of the room and went downstairs to the living room, it was beautiful!! Everything was 1 combination color: Chocolate and cream. We sat down on the sofa and chatted to each other. "So where is your family?" I started off. "My parents went out for dinner and my sister is at her friend's house, so I got the whole place to my self." "For how long do you have the whole place to yourself then?" "Erm...... I think the whole of today, parents going to come back tomorrow from their hotel rooms, and my sister is going to be back after school tomorrow as well." He chuckled. He went and got us some drinks form the fridge, while I sat there thinking why didn't I go out with this guy? I mean he is so sweet. He came back with 2 glass bottles of coke. We talked and laughed for about another 1 hour. Then I came close to him and softly kissed him on the lips. It wasn't a big deal at first, but I just couldn't resist the chemistry between us, it was so strong. The kissing became tonguing. His soft lips pressed hard against mines, he slowly put his tongue in to my mouth exploring ...read more.

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