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Mrs. Brill lived her life in a faade.

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E111 Mrs. Russell Mrs. Brill lived her life in a fa�ade. Mrs. Brill appeared to be very lonely. To mask her loneliness, she often concerned herself with everyone else's affairs. She tried to make herself feel that she was better than other people. Mrs. Brill had a lot of sadness and hurt hidden inside of her. Mrs. Brill was a very lonely person. She had a lot of negative qualities to hide her many insecurities. For example she was very vain. She spoke of her "special seat" that only two other people shared with her. It was as if she were saying that she was the only person deserving enough to sit there. Most likely, she spoke like that because she was trying not to think of the fact that she was sitting there alone. ...read more.


Mrs. Brill was constantly criticizing other people. She was always concerning herself with the way that they were dressed or whom they were with. For example, Mrs. Brill spoke of a lady who was wearing an "ermine toque". She felt that the lady must have bought that when her skin coloring was brighter because she said that, "Now everything, her hair, her face, even her eyes, was the same colour as the shabby ermine". By making this statement Mrs. Brill was not only criticizing the lady but she was trying to imply that she was better looking and had a better taste in clothing than this lady did. When in actuality she did not have a celebrated sense of style, which we see in the story where a young couple sat next to her and the girl said, "It's her fu-ur which is so funny. ...read more.


But even though here we see her need for conversation and her obvious vulnerability, she is still hiding behind a fa�ade. She is so concerned about her image. She does not want anyone to see just how sad and isolated that she really is so she tries to find fault in other people to take her mind off of herself. I feel bad that she is this way because I am sure that if she showed some type of humility, she would have tons of colleagues. Hopefully in the future Mrs. Brill will learn to treat others the way that she wants to be treated. Instead of looking for people's faults she will look for positive things to draw on. If she does this, some of her loneliness may go away and she can be happier with herself. If she remains the same, most likely she will die alone which is really sad. ...read more.

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