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My Autobiography

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My Autobiography. It was a normal Sunday morning, the weather was good and church had just finished. We were all having coffee and then it struck me. There were lots of people in the Micklem hall, and they were all being given a booklet. I wandered over there with a few friends to try and see what they were doing. Then I saw it. The front cover of the booklet they had. It had a weird name. At first I didn't understand. Why was it called Stanmore Scenes? I knew we were in Stanmore but I didn't realise why you would call something Stanmore Scenes. Even so it wasn't until later that I would understand more about it. That evening my mum had a phone call from her sister. This helped me to find out what she and the others had been doing earlier that day. When I found out I was extremely confused. I didn't think my Aunty could act! I didn't even think it was possible for the church I went to, to put on a play about its life. It was mad. How could they put 150 years of history into a couple of hours? Was it possible to do? Anyway none of my friends were in it so why would I want to be in it, it was mad. So my friend Sarah and I decided we would leave them to it. ...read more.


to make our eyes stand out,0 so people at the back could see our faces better. When we were all ready we started. My part was very short and in the middle of the play therefore I had to wait a long time until I came on. At the end we sang 2 songs as everyone would come onto the stage and bow. This is where my school would come in. They would be at the back of the stage singing with us. After the rehearsal we all clambered out of the costumes and back into our own clothes. When we were out of our costumes they collected them all in and left them in the tower room. We were all told to practice hard, so that we knew all our lines off by heart and to come 1 hour before the start to become transformed. After the rehearsal my Aunty took me home. She said, "See you on Tuesday Charlotte," then left me with my mum. At school on Monday I told my friends that I was going to be in Stanmore Scenes after all. They all exclaimed, "How come, if your not in the choir?" When I told them I was acting in the play they were even more astonished! The rest of the day went quite quickly but Tuesday seemed to go on for ever. ...read more.


After the performance I was asked if I would do something really special in the final performance. So I and a couple of others agreed to help them on Thursday. Thursday went as quickly as a firework explodes. When I got to the church Sarah, Abby and I where ushered into a corner. Richard told us what he wanted us to do. Then as my part was before the other's last parts I waited where Abby would come off stage. We sat outside making daisy chains. They were extremely long! Then Sarah popped her head out the door and we went down to wait in the vestry. Finally it was time for our special part. At the end of the play, after everyone who took part was on the stage and had finished singing. Then George Altman, my grandpa, made an announcement. He said, "Please could Janet Davis, Daphne Johnson and Pat Stevens come down to the front." When they were at the front he said, "Now could the 3 young ladies come out and give the presentation to them." So Sarah, Abby and I came out in turn with a massive bunch of flowers for all 3 of the people who made Stanmore Scenes work. After they had received the flowers we sang Laudate Dominum for the last time. When we had finished we all came off the stage and got out of our costumes for the last time. It was brilliant! Charlotte Ellis. ...read more.

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