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My Experience at a Bon Jovi Concert.

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My Experience at a Bon Jovi Concert It was June 24th I was so filled with excitement and joy as I waited for months for this day to come and now it hand finally arrived. Sitting on the coach patiently with my best friend Kayleigh and my sister Mellissa, who I begged to come along with me, reason being I didn't want to go own my on to enjoy the experience, and with them there it would make me feel more relaxed. While on the bus to Wolverhampton where the concert was being held, the adorning fans of Bon Jovi were chanting songs of the bands best hits. The atmosphere on the bus was energetic and alive with excitement which made everyone on the bus connect with one another. The journey ride from Corby to Wolverhampton was 2 hours and 20mins long; during the ride I couldn't stop looking at my watch hoping that the time spend on the bus would pass quickly but I felt so impatient and was dieing to get there. ...read more.


As soon as we entered the arena the crowds were roaring like loins, there was no roof on top which was good because the weather was being kind to us on this generous day, plus the sun was beaming on us as we search for our seats, which did annoy us little bit but as an time passed the sun settled down and lit the sky with different shades of red which looked beautiful. Finally at long last the band came out and as soon as they did the crowd including I sprung out form our seats and cheered on the band and they introduced the show with there hit single "liven on the prayer". As soon as they started to sing the whole of the crowd and I sang along with them, during the course of the performance the lead singer imitated some of his singles to the crowds which made them roar louder as they imitate the songs right back to him. ...read more.


as we were approaching the coach there were men selling very large posters of the band they only cost �2.00 which was a bargain so I got a couple and headed straight towards the bus once on the coach we waited for the others and as we waited we saw floods of people pouring into the car parks. Finally once every one was on the bus and the car park looked cleared, we set off on the journey home. During the journey back the atmosphere was calm and quiet every one was starting to settle down as the atmosphere sizzled out I stared to settle down in my seat and as I began to relax I looked out side my window and as I looked, the night sky sparkled with it stars reflecting back of the window which looked magnificent as I replayed the whole performance in my mind so that I wouldn't forget what I saw and felt in that arena that night which would stain my mind forever. ...read more.

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