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My practical work was devised by the stimulus of `The Seven Ages of Man' I had to consider a specific age and work within two age groups.

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My practical work was devised by the stimulus of `The Seven Ages of Man' I had to consider a specific age and work within two age groups. One of these was my own age phase, the other a mixed age. I developed my work from previous work based on energy states. My contribution to the performance was to play the character of a twenty something year old. I implemented my understanding of the role by method acting. Through characterisation exercises, an example of which was hot seating, is a method of taking on the character, working in-groups and answering questions in role, which were posed to me. This helped me to feel like the character. ...read more.


this also helped to portray the characters as we also explored stereotypical age groups. Our piece was set in modern day 2002. However the initial stimulus of `The Seven Ages of Man' was set in the Elizabethan period in Shakespearean times. The newspaper article `the generation game' was similar to our production because it was profiles of different ages of people in modern day. The biggest differences were the period that the `Seven Ages of Man' was written in and the period of the other texts studied. You could tell that life was very different in the Elizabethan period, because men used to grow up to be soldiers and women used to stay at home. ...read more.


These are regular issues that occurs in today's society. We chose to perform in a realistic style. This was because the matters and issues we were dealing with were typical everyday realistic issues. Such as when children follow people round the supermarket and homeless people begging in the street. This was similar to the 'bags I poem' by Alan Allberg because it had modern day issues like when children fight over their toys, which happened in our production. In conclusion I would like to say that I learnt about the seven ages of man and how to portray people of different ages. this helped my contribution to the production as I was able to build on my character and emphasise the characteristics and changes of a 20 something person in modern and Shakespearean times using the 'seven ages of man' poem. Emily Webb 10BS ...read more.

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