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Naturalistic Theatre

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Drama Homework Naturalistic Theatre. In this evaluation I will be evaluating two actresses Michaela Mcord and Sophie Rice, It will be on based on their performance of 'A Walk in the Park.' I will be talking about the positive and negative facts of each person. Michaela Michaela played the character of Beryl. I found Michaela playing Beryl easier to understand, as I was also the same character. There were many people who played the character of Beryl but I found Michaela took on the role very well. One thing I found she took on particularly well was the dramatic pauses, for example she paused before saying "There's no excuse for it, is there? Violence" To me violence is a strong word and Michaela used the pause very well as it had a bigger effect. I seem to remember she used the pauses very well throughout the duration of her performance as well. When Michaela 'Beryl' was sitting next to Arthur she was acting her character straight away which I found good because some people from rehearsing weren't acting their part...where as Michaela interpreted that into her piece. ...read more.


Michaela seemed pretty eager to talk about what had happened to her to a stranger, which, in some way is good because she's talking to someone she doesn't know and to someone her husband/boyfriend wouldn't know. Anything she says won't get back to him and it's a way of Beryl saying what she might've wanted to say for a long time and not get judged by not doing the right thing. Overall Michaela put on a good performance the different sorts of costume she wore with a big meaning behind it, the different tones in her voice and the dramatic pauses made it a watchable performance. Sophie The next actress I'm evaluating is Sophie, playing the character of Charles/Charlotte. I didn't really know the character of Charles very well so it was good to see how the other sorts of actors got on with their role. Sophie got on with the role of Charles very well. I think she tended to speak a bit fast with her lines which I thought at first wasn't good, but when I listened to what she was saying and how she was saying things, it fitted in very well with her character, for example... ...read more.


Also when Sophie was talking fast in this scene it fitted in well because, she made out she was complaining about Beryl but by talking fast it didn't make it look like she was actually complaining about her life, which was very sneaky but made it effective to the audience. Sophie chose quite old looking clothes, which to me seemed that, it didn't fit in well with how she came across. It looked like in a way that Charles was trying to appear to be younger by talking fast, which I guess still fitted in well with her character because it seemed as though she'd been through a lot. She wore glasses, which came across to me as the sort of person who would look down at you, this was good because, the things she said seemed to be the looking down at people. I didn't remember many pauses but I think the way Sophie said things it seemed she didn't need any pauses although maybe it would've been a bigger effect, however I thought it had a big effects without many pauses. Sophie took on the difficult role of Charles very well and she made an overall great performance. ...read more.

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