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'Night in the country'.

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'Night in the country' If you would stay over night in the country, and are a city dweller you would probably be stunned with the silence. In the country there are hardly any lights, except near the towns and even those are few. The country life is all drawn out and easygoing. There are lots of things that could happen in the country. There could be a forest fire or a building fire, which would light up the night sky and break the stillness and peacefulness that reigns in the countryside in the night. In the countryside you would expect an easygoing day, but lots of shocking things could happen that you wouldn't expect to happen in an urban lifestyle. A robbery could take place, and you wouldn't expect that to happen in the country. So don't be fooled by people that haven't even been to the country or haven't stayed in the villages overnight. It's not just things to do with humans; it could also be between animals. ...read more.


An inexperienced person who doesn't live in the country would never realize the activity and the excitement that goes on at night in the country. There are crowds of foxes going on their nightly hunt, and owls hooting all over the place. Breaking the silence every so often, there will be a squeak or a squeal from animals underneath the piles of leaves as the foxes find their food. In the countryside the air is still (so to speak) and the rustling of bushes is like a person angry at the silence. The whole area is still, the excitement that you'd feel in the daytime is so to speak pushed away as it gets darker and darker and then silence reigns. You would never now why people like the country so much, until you actually stay there, then all the feelings come to you. You feel as if you want to stay there for the rest of you're life because its so peaceful. 'Night in the city' A city is full of amazing things. ...read more.


There is also work to be done in the offices. So for a city dweller it is a nice time during the night to lie down in peace and quite. Compared to the country the city is still full of noise during the night. At night some of the people in the city would hardly get any rest, because some of them are scared that they might get robbed overnight and stay up just in case. In the city the air at night and even during the day is humid, hot and windy because of the fumes from factories and cars. In the country it is nice and cool and warm because there are few cars and no factories. If you would go the countryside and were a city dweller you would rather stay in the country for some reasons and some not (or so I think). You would stay in the country for health reasons and some other reasons but you might not want to because you'd miss youre friends and the cinemas so its best to make youre own choice. Binyamin Shaw//English coursework Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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