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Nunn and Polanski's Versions of Macbeth - comparing the two versions.

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Nunn and Polanski's Versions of Macbeth I am going to be comparing two versions of Macbeth, Trevor Nunn and Roman Polanski. I will be comparing different aspects of both versions, things like costumes, colour, lighting, setting, props etc and then stating which I think is the best and why. Firstly I am going to be comparing the costumes worn by both sets of actors. In Nunn's version the only colours used are black and white. He uses these to extreme colours for two extreme circumstances, good and evil. Dark, drab clothes are used for evil characters such as the witches, while white for good characters like Duncan. I think this method of using the costumes isn't as good as having full colour because instantly the viewer can see who is good and evil. If there was colour the viewers would have to work this out for themselves and it would add excitement to the story line. In Polanski's version the costumes are in full colour. ...read more.


Like I said before the colour in Nunn's verson is only black, white and grey. This then limits what can be achieved with the colours to suggest different goings on. With Polanski everything is in full colour and he can show that the witches are supernatural with out even saying a word. He does this by using the sky at the very start of the play. As the camera starts filming it opens on a blood red sky suggesting that whatever appears next in something evil, and at that the three witches enter. I think that because of this Polanski has a better use of colour in his version. Nunn doesn't use very many special effects because he has limited his use of them because his background is so dark and dull. Polanski can use special effects and one instant, which he uses it, is when the title "MACBETH" appears from the mist after the first scene, and the witches have exited. This again adds the idea of supernatural goings on and tension. ...read more.


It then gradually moves out showing the whole picture. This clever use of camera work allows the viewer to see the whole picture over a period of time and in this time they can get a good view of what the witches look like and what they are wearing etc. I think that Nunn uses camera work better hear because what he does adds tension, making the viewer want to watch on. Both versions had some props, Nunn had a wax doll and a needle for the sailor scene, but Polanski had a lot more, he had things like a stick, rope, human hand and even a floating dagger. These all making his production easier to watch and more enjoyable. Overall I enjoyed Trevor Nunn's version of Macbeth as it was full of tension and had good camera work involved with it, but the better of the two productions in my opinion has to be Roman Polanski's. The costumes, lighting, colour and settings are just a few of the things that made it superior to Nunn's version, as they were all a lot better. If I had to recommend one of them to a friend it would definitely be Polanski's version. ...read more.

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