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o me conflict means not getting along with each other resulting each other being violent to each other, mentally or physically. In this unit I show this when Billy and Tommy have been conscripted to go to war. I show them showing there emotions abou

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Year 11- GCSE Drama Unit 1- Conflict This unit is based on the theme about conflict. It's manly about the conflicts of war and the conflicting relationships between the two most important characters in this unit, Billy and Tommy. To me conflict means 'not getting along with each other resulting each other being violent to each other, mentally or physically.' In this unit I show this when Billy and Tommy have been conscripted to go to war. I show them showing there emotions about each other by using a variety of drama techniques such as: slow motion, being abstract, the use of still images, thought tracking and many more. Lesson 1 I started off by brainstorming all the words I would associate with conflict. These are all the words that I chose: I chose these words because I think that conflict has many effects on a person and some of them are the words that I chose above. I chose these words and made a short piece of mime role-play with my group based on these words. I used slow motion at the start of the mime role-play, because it gives a bigger effect and a good way to use facial expression. Also slow motion helped me concentrate more on conflict as it marked the moment of the scene. (Tommy showing his true side to how he feels about Billy). I also used thought tracking. I think this is the best technique to use when working with the theme, conflict. ...read more.


Tommy's image was of a figure that was proud and had just won something. His status and body language was high and positive. On the other hand, Billy showed a negative attitude. When he received the news his facial expression showed a man who feared something would happen to him. "I don't want to go to the war. I don't want to turn out like my dad!" This is the line that I kept on saying with fear. I was scared to go to the war. In the spontaneous improvisation different groups showed different ways/ideas of how Billy and Tommy felt and dealt with being conscripted. The group that I liked and stood out for me were Group 2 (Lola, Jack, Tahir, Christina and Anthony). They used a multitude of techniques which included spontaneous improvisation, facial expression and split screen. They clearly showed how Billy and Tommy felt about conscription and did most of the scene in Unison. This made it very clear to the audience exactly what they were trying to show. Lesson 3 This lesson is manly focused on how Billy and Tommy felt going to war. It was a hard time for Billy because of what happened in the past. It was easier for Tommy because his past wasn't as shocking as Billy's. In the First World War many people died as a result. This was the first biggest war to be fought and this meant that many people didn't know what was going to happen. ...read more.


After this incident Billy felt very angry and wanted revenge on Tommy. I referred to Tommy at one point in the scene as 'an outsider'. I felt as if he meant nothing to me and I meant nothing to him. All that was going through my (Billy's) head was revenge. What Billy was about to do wasn't a 'Fatal Mistake'. It was what he was supposed to do a long time ago. As Billy and Tommy were going over the top, Billy secretly took Tommy's gas mask. Billy was praying that a gas attack would come in the next attack in the battlefield. In our group (me and Ameen) we showed this by using slow motion and thought tracking. When there was a gas attack, Billy put on his gas mask and showed Tommy's his which he had in his hand. At this moment tommy froze and I said "you took my respect for you away, I will take your life. I don't need you anymore." I used the technique, marking the moment here as it shows clearly the breakdown in relationship between the two characters. A different group (videhi and ramatulay) showed the same scene. They used a variety of techniques which included split screen and facial expressions. There fatal mistake was that Billy accidently stabbed tommy with his gun. They could have improved dramatically on this short scene by showing more abstract techniques and by doing the fatal mistake in more detail. Overall it was a good performance. This is what I have learnt in Unit 1. It is mainly based on the theme of conflict. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Bhata Page | 1 ...read more.

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