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On the 16th March 2008, the Fuse Theatre Company came into school and did a play which is called the Shadow Companion. This had taken place in the theatre. This play had consisted of four characters

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Drama Coursework. On the 16th March 2008, the Fuse Theatre Company came into school and did a play which is called the Shadow Companion. This had taken place in the theatre. This play had consisted of four characters their names are Asra Abboud, Ruby Wellbourn, Billy Wellbourn and Khadmin Abboud. Their actual names are Sarah Amankwah, Aisiling Caffery, Michael Chapman and Chris Jack. MY first impressions of this play were 'Wow, this is going to be interesting' the play had taken place in the centre stage the most. The issues and themes that were explored in the play were the friendship between Ruby and her friend Asra; Asra and her dad lives in a temporary refugee accommodation on the edge of her community. The play has a basic story line which Ruby chants and is at the mount; this is a place where she used to visit her Nan. She lights up candles and they draw a circle on the ground with her feet. There is a scene based upon Ruby meeting Asra they have a little argument at first. ...read more.


A phone rings and a answer machine message is left about Ruby's Nan. His dad didn't pick up the phone and he hears the messages and is shocked to hear about it. Ruby enters and is frustrated and the tension beings to flare up and a rocky relationship is showing. We eventually learn that Ruby's mum left her and her dad. Half way through the play, a red chair is brought on to symbolize Mr. Abu's house. This starts in showing the happy side of father-daughter relationship and daughter Asra appears on scene with school uniform on. Mr. Abu's gives a black scarf and Asra doesn't appear too happy but says thanks anyway. Both fathers come face to face. They talk to each other about intimidation. Bill later states he has a right to protest outside his house. The police siren is turned on and Bill decides to threaten Mr. Abu saying he will come back. Asra and Ruby meets, Ruby explains her chants and the circle, keeping it a secret between the two of them. ...read more.


There is an example like 'Khadim takes his anger out on his daughter and pushes her to the ground. He cannot stand the fact that Asra is fitting into the English Culture. He pours water over her as she weeps' the father pushed her to the ground and poured water all over her. The reason I liked this scene because it shows me that no matter how hard you try, no father-daughter relationships are perfect. They built up an atmosphere on stage by addressing a speech to the audience and to make them feel involved. I didn't feel that this had built up any tension. I think the audience feels scared at this point. The types of drama conventions that they use are direct address, this happened at the start when Billy delivered a speech at the start, it made us feel involved. Sound effects were also used because it builds up tension and it makes us feel scared. The two actors that were most successful in their portrayal of their characters are Khadim and Asra ...read more.

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