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On the evening of January 21st, I, along with other pupils from Tiffin Girls' School went to the Playhouse Theatre to see the production of 'An Inspector Calls'.

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Review on 'An Inspector Calls' On the evening of January 21st, I, along with other pupils from Tiffin Girls' School went to the Playhouse Theatre to see the production of 'An Inspector Calls'. Once seated I looked at the stage and even while the curtains were the down, there was an old red telephone box in the right hand corner slanted. Once the curtains were raised, they revealed an Edwardian house perched upon wooden stilts and looked more like a doll's house with only two floors. The floor was a cobbled street and it looked like a war had just ended. This is true as the time period that this play was set in was just after the Second World War. From the house there came pretentious laughter. It was obvious to me that the Birlings were celebrating their daughter's engagement. The set, throughout the play hardly changed, except for when the odd rain fell which gave the cobbled street a damp effect. ...read more.


He spoke not like a usual police inspector but had a much more mysterious character to him. Throughout the play it seemed obvious to me that he couldn't be a real inspector. He was too rude towards each of the suspects, seeming to have made Mr Birling his number 1 enemy by being louder towards him and constantly losing his patience. There were some parts in the play where the inspector was in that I enjoyed. For example the way in which he questioned each of the individual character in his own order and time. Although he was more interrogating than usual police inspectors, his change in volume kept me awake and well into the play. He had a very mysterious facial expression at the start, but whenever he got so mad and impatient, his face turned red as an erupting volcano and he looked like he was about to crack! ...read more.


finding out what she had done wrong her dress became dirty from being dragged across the wet, cobbled street and her hair was down and messy. I noticed that change in her appearance showed a rich, spoilt girl become average like any other. Overall, I enjoyed the play and loved the set. The background music added to the atmosphere and as the music changed so did the atmosphere. Both Ian and Stephen (set designer and director) created a surreal effect throughout the play. When the house toppled over causing objects to smash about I wondered how on earth the house would be restore. But, after the departure of the inspector the house was re-instated. All the actors portrayed each character well in both, movement - actions and voice. I was impressed to find that both the time periods were put together and that with one set throughout the play gave a more realistic look overall. Prabhjit Kooner 11s Page 1 Drama - Review of a play Drama Coursework ...read more.

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