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One thing that endures through time and change is one's brain; so perhaps the self is the brain. Give some good reason to think this idea isn't correct.

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a. One thing that endures through time and change is one's brain; so perhaps the self is the brain. Give some good reason to think this idea isn't correct. The above is the account of the powerful critisism to the body theory that states that the self is the body- i.e. each person is identifiable on the basis of physical and biological continuity. So, we can assume that the body theory is false and the above statement is true if we carry out a 'survival test'. By removing one person's brain and implanting it into another person's body, it is the brain that will determine the 'I' of the body. Therefore, the 'I' or the person is the brain. But still no scientific fact would state that the transplanted brain would determine the self of the body. People go through drastic psychological changes in their lives- they can convert to different religions, acquire different tastes in music, literature, start to possess different moral values and norms. ...read more.


would be a waste. This point of view is in the least degree absurd and inhumane to accept. Thus equating existence of the self to the biological life of the brain, with consequence like acceptance of the social death in case of the brain death is superficial and unacceptable in our society. b. another thing that endures through time and space is the bulk of one's mental characteristics; so perhaps the self is one's relatively stable and continuous psychology. First, explain what this view is in detail. Second, give some good reason to think this idea isn't correct. The 'bundle theory' as it is sometimes called states that it is our bulk of sensations that constitute ourselves-'I am something that thinks, and acts, and suffers'4. Each person has his own unique bulk of experiences that are his own. If we imagine that one morning a person wakes up in his bed, has the same sensations and thoughts that he normally has, for example, he is planning his day, experiences happiness of the sun that is shinning, feels the hunger and thirst. ...read more.


c. Present and defend your own view on what the self is. The self is a complex concept. One can not equate the self simply to the brain or to our mental characteristics. I personally think that our body, as well as our mind constitute our true selves. If our mind was to be reincarnated or implanted into another body, we would not be capable of operating this body it in the same way as we used to operate our own body. For example, if I was a good singer in my own body and had experienced happiness from being onstage singing, in my new body I would not necessarily be a good singer, because, firstly, singing requires vocal training which my new body might not have, and, secondly, the vestibular apparatus must work in the same way-I must have good ears, breath support etc. All of the above are required for me to gain that one sensation of happiness and satisfaction from singing. So, my old body is vital for myself to continue experiencing the same sensations. ...read more.

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