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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 1520

Our first task was on melodrama that was very popular in Russia and the rest of the world before Stanislavski started to use his techniques of drama.

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1) Our first task was on melodrama that was very popular in Russia and the rest of the world before Stanislavski started to use his techniques of drama. In melodrama the characters are very stereotypical and over acted. Most of the plays were basically the same plot, there was a hero a villain and a damsel who got kidnapped. Our task was to create a melodrama play in lesson. My group's play had a damsel, a hero, a villain, a villains sidekick and two old wise men. I think this is probably what the old melodrama plays comprised of. Our group worked on the final scene of our play. The final scene starts off with the villain and the damsel tied up on a chair. He is torturing her and using threats against her like' I am going to chuck you into the canal'. Then on the other side of the of the stage the villains sidekick is torturing two old people who are also tied up. Then the hero comes in and there is a final battle between both of the characters and the hero won which was predictable. ...read more.


This showed me how much I over used my muscles and made me realise I should try not to do that in plays and to relax more so that I don't get tired. The bedroom task I found very easy. I had made a point where I was meant to go and wasn't meant to go and I mapped out how to get the books together for school. I felt comfortable performing this task as I felt that I know what I was doing. 2) We did two other activities for development as well. They were Temper Rhythm and emotion memory both of which are to do with feelings. The first task that we did was emotion memory. At the beginning of this we sat on a chair and we had to close our eyes and think of a point in our lives where we experienced the emotion that we want the most and think we are in that scene. The first emotion we started with was happiness. I closed my eyes and the first thing that came into my head was at my sleepover where my friend fell out of a tree. ...read more.


I was the person who knew the murderer was in the house. The first bit of Temper-Rhythm I felt was when I first heard the murderer jump into the house I then I heard a bang I felt a rush up my body and I automatically stood up. The person that conflicts with my characters Temper-Rhythm was the person who didn't believe that there was a murder in the house. I constantly got annoyed with my character and he would not believe there was a murderer in the house. I felt the same until the murder called out my name then my heartbeat got faster and I felt like running away very fast. Then as soon as we both saw the murderer I felt that we were both on the same level for the Temper-Rhythm. The doctors surgery is the first scene where the feelings inside you and your expressions on the outside conflict with each other. In this scene you find out that you may have cancer and you are waiting for the results to come through. This is another scene where you express your feelings by silence. This scene probably has the strangest feeling, inside my heart was racing and I had butterflies in my stomach, but outside I looked calm and collected. ...read more.

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