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Part 1 Assessment on Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

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Part 1 Assessment on Blood Brothers by Willy Russell We have recently been looking at and acting out certain scenes from a play called Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. It was written in 1981 and set in Liverpool. Because of this, the costumes of the characters were quite old fashioned and the set appeared quite dated when we went to the theatre to see the play. Blood Brothers is about two twins that were separated at birth into two very different families. One child was raised in an upper class family as an only child; the other was brought up with his true mother in a poor family with many brothers and sisters. As the play progresses the two twins accidentally become friends - not knowing that they are in fact brothers. As the dramatic irony continues so does the play which builds up into an impressive climax finishing in an unexpected twist. ...read more.


Also, I imagined the character of Eddie to be quite intelligent, although completely oblivious to the importance of certain things e.g. money. In performing his character I kept this in mind and tried to use this when acting on stage. For example, when Mickey swears, I tried to show - through facial expressions and voice change - how shocked the character of Eddie would be. We also looked at a play called Kidsplay written by John Lee, which had a very different style compared with Blood Brothers. Even though there was an element of comedy in both plays, Kidsplay was quite slow to move from scene to scene and also had quite a childish humour. In comparison to 'Blood Brothers,' Kidsplay centred its attention on many children of the same age, all doing what children do, whereas Blood Brothers demonstrated a powerful storyline using different stages of two very different lives. ...read more.


Blood Brothers is a well written, intellectual play with a strong storyline; Kidsplay is limited to the language used and it appears to be quite slow paced. This could make the audience lose interest in what is happening - which is never a good thing - where as with Blood Brothers the storyline jumps years, keeping up a quick pace and in effect, keeping the audiences' attention. I believe this to be a key difference between the plays. In my opinion there are few connections between the plays. The main one that stands out to me is the fact that they are both based on the lives' of children and, because of this some of the qualities of the characters within the plays are quite similar. I think that compared to Kidsplay I much preferred Blood Brothers and this is because I felt as if I can relate to characters in Blood Brothers more than those in Kidsplay. Also I much more enjoyed playing the challenging role of Eddie. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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