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Part 1 - Comparison of Blood brothers and Bouncers

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Part One Essay: A comparison of Blood Brothers and Bouncers In this essay I am going to compare the play 'Blood Brothers' written by Willy Russell To 'Bouncers' written by John Godber. The two plays are very different in a number of ways in terms of setting, language and dramatic form but in a few ways they are quite similar as they both are based on the theme of broken dreams. In this essay I aim to show their similarities and differences in a number of different points. The settings of these plays are both similar as they are both set in England at similar times. Blood Brothers is set in Liverpool in the 1960's where the council estates are just outside the city. Bouncers however could be set anywhere in a city in England. The play does not mention where it is set and because the play is based on the stereotypical city 'punters' it could be set in any nightclub in urban England. 'Bouncers' revolves around the 1990's urban nightlife so the two plays are fairly modern. The two plays are very naturalistic as they show what life was at the particular times they were set in. ...read more.


In both plays there is limited space on the stage. In Blood Brothers, Marty Flood uses the restricted space to his advantage making it symbolic, using it to make it look a lot bigger than it really is. Blood Brothers uses a mixture of realistic sets and scenery which also helps to create a feeling of space. The sides of the stage are rows of council estates and although they are not very big in reality, to the eye they look bigger because of the backdrop used. The backdrops used were successful as they showed what was in the background of the setting, for example the city of Liverpool and also the great stretching countryside. By cleverly using scenery you were led to believe that you were somewhere beyond the reach of the setting, almost an illusion. Marty Flood was successful in this when he used flashing lights and fairground music to create the illusion that Mickey, Eddie and Lynda were at a fair ground. Once this was accompanied by mime this turned out to be extremely successful. He used this anti-illusionist technique throughout and it all added to the comical side of the play. ...read more.


These monologues were used to either express the characters emotions at the time or used to describe something. The monologues written for the character 'Lucky Eric' were able to bring a more dramatic side to the play as they were much more heartfelt and emotional than the dialogue between the bouncers. There were no monologues in Blood Brothers however as Blood Brothers was a musical many of the emotions of the characters were brought out in the songs. Mrs Johnston for instance kept repeating the 'Marilyn Monroe' theme to express how her dreams were shattered and kept dreaming of what living a life like 'Marilyn Monroe' would be like. In many of the songs written for Mrs Johnston she appears to be drowning her sorrows for example after Mickey and Eddie have died she repeats the line "Tell me its no true, tell me it's a story". To conclude the two plays 'Bouncers' and 'Blood Brothers' are very different in a number of different ways. The two plays are based around two completely different ideas and are two different types of theatre, one being a musical the other being a normal production. The only similarities these two plays share are a similar time setting and the country it was set in and a joint theme of broken dreams ...read more.

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