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Part 1- Comparison of Blue remembered hills and Friend or Foe

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Part 1- Comparison of Blue remembered hills and Friend or Foe I will be comparing two pieces of text which are 'Blue Remembered Hills' in which a group of children lead one of their normal days playing in the fields and forest during world war two. The play is by Dennis Potter which is a script meant to be televised but can be staged. This will be compared to 'Friend or Foe' in which two young friends are evacuated to the countryside and then discover two German bombers and struggle to befriend them as they should hate them. This is a novel by Michael Murpurgo written for children. The historic period in 'Blue Remembered Hills' is set in world war two in the rural area of the west country, the whole play is set during one day. 'Friend or Foe' is also similar as it is set during world war two in the countryside. ...read more.


The hierarchy in 'Blue Remembered Hills' is simple with the quieter and weaker people at the bottom and the louder, stronger people at the top end but it does change slightly in the play when a fight does break out. Also in 'Friend or Foe' there are two German pilots that have crashed that remain unnamed throughout the story, we don't learn much about them except they just bombed Portsmouth this is similar to 'Blue Remembered Hills' as we hear of Wallace Wilson but don't learn much about him except he is at the top. There many more characters in 'Blue Remembered Hills' such as Raymond who is very quite and down at the bottom just above Donald who is abused by his mother, he also has no friends and ends up in a severe tragedy which takes his life. The culture in 'Blue Remembered Hills' is similar to that in 'Friend or Foe' as both of them use some sort of child imagination, there also some differences such as 'Blue Remembered Hills' ...read more.


are captured and taken as prisoners of war, then die as prisoners wishing to be free. 'Friend or Foe' can be seen as naturalistic as the children lead a normal life of an evacuee during world war two. To conclude both texts have many similarities for example both are set during world war two and they are both naturalistic and the ends are very tragic as Donald dies in the fire created in the barn and the two German soldiers were captured and never seen again with a rumour going around that they had been killed they are many similarities that are present. There are also some differences like the society in 'Friend or Foe' have slightly older children than that of 'Blue Remembered Hills'. There is a huge difference between the two texts that we must take into account that one is novel for children and the other a play that is meant to be televised. By Arjan Pahal ...read more.

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